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CNN Tries To Silence Sheriff Clarke

Sheriff Clarke gave this wonderful interview on CNN yesterday. The host desperately tried (unsuccessfully) to silence him over and over again, so CNN pulled the video. He will be speaking in Cleveland tonight, so you can be assured that paid … Continue reading

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New York Values

I was a huge Ted Cruz fan until January 14, when he wrecked his campaign with this unbelievably idiotic and arrogant attack on Trump. He never had a chance to recover after that. Today, I am helping one New Yorker sort out … Continue reading

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The Little Ice Age In Ithaca, New York

Ithaca, New York reached 103F  on July 9, 1936 – but haven’t been over 100F since that summer. The number of nights below 0F in Ithaca greatly increased after the 1930’s, and peaked last year at 27. Both summers and … Continue reading

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Climate Science – Being Wrong Proves You Were Right

You really can’t make this stuff up. This genius says the models were all wrong, and that proves they were right. Where Are the Hurricanes? – The New York Times What we know is that their hurricane forecasts were dead wrong … Continue reading

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