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Ethical Conservatism

Ted Cruz asked the DNC for MONEY to help fund his delegate fight in Cleveland.(specifically: Eric Bennett to and from Ken Cuccinelli, R-Virginia working with Ted Cruz and the DNC to undermine the delegate selection before the convention. Working to … Continue reading

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Best Tweet Ever

Latest scene from the Democratic Convention.

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The Rise And Fall Of Ted Cruz

On October 28, 2015 Ted Cruz launched this brilliant team player attack against CNBC, and appeared destined to be the GOP nominee. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZxNFHqLgrs He rose steadily in the polls and was nearly tied with Trump, when he wrecked his campaign on … Continue reading

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Who Needs WikiLeaks, When You Have RealScience?

Bernie calls for Debbie’s resignation. Bernie Sanders Calls for Debbie Wasserman Schultz to Resign in Wake of Email Leaks – ABC News I reported this over two months ago : Posted on May 21, 2016 by tonyheller I was sitting … Continue reading

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No Water In Philly In 1965

Fifty years ago, Philadelphia was having its worst drought on record. Sad to think of Debbie and Hillary having to drink salt water. 6 Aug 1965, Page 4 – Anderson Herald

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Another Cruz Ship Disaster

Influential Donors Criticize Ted Cruz for His G.O.P. Convention Speech – The New York Times

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Jim Hunt Egging The Ship Of Fools On To Disaster

Jim Hunt (and Blowtorch Reggie) are egging the ship of fools on to disaster, telling them that the ice is receding. And the intrepid fools are listening to them. It has been persistently cloudy in the Northeast Passage, and the ice is … Continue reading

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Today’s Climate Fraud From The Washington Post

Washington DC has had a few hot days, and may reach 100 this weekend. The Washington Post announces that sciences proves this is due to global warming, and an Obama tweet proves it. What science can tell us about the … Continue reading

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Editorial : Trump Lacks Clinton’s Experience

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