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Homework Problem For Progressives

Start out with nothing, and watch it evolve into a butterfly.

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Climate Moron Of The Day

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Black Lives Matter Have Been Planning These Executions For Weeks

President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have been actively supporting terrorist groups planning the Baton Rouge attacks. https://youtu.be/BTSR0yF1F2w The FBI put out this warning on July 7 that these terrorist groups planned to kill police in Baton Rouge, and were … Continue reading

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Photo Essay : The Horrors Of Carbon Pollution

I just got a new Nikon P900 camera with 83X optical and 300X digital zoom. I purchased it for the good of the planet. This is the Boulder coal and natural gas fired power plant, seen spewing massive amounts of planet destroying … Continue reading

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Hottest year Ever

Climate experts tell us that this is the hottest year ever, and that the frequency of hot days is rapidly increasing. On this date in 1936, Hartington, Nebraska was 118 degrees (48C.)  During July, 1936 their average maximum temperature was … Continue reading

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Man Made Sea Level Rise At NASA

NASA shows about 17 cm of sea level rise from 1880 to 1980, and a sharp acceleration after 1930. Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet: Sea Level The 1995 IPCC report said there was no acceleration in the 20th … Continue reading

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