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#LockThemUp … In The Looney Bin

Bernie, Sheldon and their friends have completely lost their minds. Senators Hit Back in Letter to Denial Front Groups “Your letter proves our point” write Reid, Schumer, Whitehouse, Boxer, Durbin, Sanders, Franken, Warren, Markey The “web” of climate change denial … Continue reading

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Off To The Golf Course!

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WMO – Record Cooling Is Record Warming

NASA’s just released data shows that Earth is cooling the fastest it has since at least 1880. Over the past four months, global temperatures have dropped more than half a degree C. The second fastest drop occurred 100 years ago … Continue reading

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NASA Daily Fraud Update

As of 1999, NASA showed no net warming from 1866 to 1976, with 1877 as the hottest year. GLB.Ts.txt This didn’t suit NASA’s political agenda, so they eliminated all of the pre-1880 years and created a fake hockey stick. graph.png … Continue reading

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Arctic Fraud In The Works

PolarOceanChallenge (@PolarOceanChall) | Twitter Yesterday I tweeted the Polar Ocean Challenge and asked them if they had an icebreaker accompanying them. That was the only tweet I made to them. Today they responded by blocking me. I take that as … Continue reading

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President Obama’s Spiritual Mentor

“The title of Reverend Wright’s sermon that morning was “The Audacity of Hope.” ― Barack Obama, Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance

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The 2016 Franklin Expedition

The Polar Ocean Challenge is headed off into the ice. They will run into this in three days – hundreds of miles of solid ice. Without an icebreaker, they are going nowhere. I asked them on Twitter if they have an … Continue reading

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Useful Idiots

Without some creative vote counting by the Florida Secretary of State, Al Gore would have been president and the GOP probably would have lost the last six elections. Even worse, George Bush Sr. was the guy who started globalism with … Continue reading

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Your Turn To Choose

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