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New York Times Climate Fraud – Called Out By The New York Times

The New York Times claims that last year’s 10.1 million acres of fires was the most on record, even though it was a quiet year outside of Alaska and California. Wildfires, Once Confined to a Season, Burn Earlier and Longer … Continue reading

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Serious Trouble For Arctic Alarmists

The Northern Passage (along the Siberian Coast) has been cloudy and cold for weeks, and is not melting. It is very unlikely it will open this year, and very likely that multi-year ice will return to the area this winter.

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Time For A Common Sense Ban

The founding fathers rode in wagons, and couldn’t foresee the danger of fully automatic high powered trucks. A common sense ban on high capacity gas tanks is needed. Had the truck been unable to drive more than two blocks, the tragedy in … Continue reading

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You Didn’t Build That – Barack Obama Did

Progressives created this mess, and now they have to live with it.

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