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Dewey Wins!

Forty years ago today, Reagan’s campaign manager announced that Reagan had beaten Ford. TimesMachine: July 20, 1976 – NYTimes.com Just how stupid are “ethical conservatives?”

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Darwin Award Alert

Our brilliant Arctic explorers have left Murmansk, and are headed directly into hundreds of miles of solid ice. Unless they have an icebreaker in front of them, they aren’t going anywhere. Tracking – The Polar Ocean Challenge

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New NASA Fraud Graph!

I found a previously undiscovered version of 1999 NASA US temperatures, and made an updated animation of NASA’s US temperature fraud. Note that the old version is in degrees F. NASA used to show about 1 degree F cooling from the 1930’s … Continue reading

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What If Scientists Told The Truth?

If Gavin told the truth and announced that the climate isn’t warming, he would put himself and thousands of other people out of work. Climate scientists have an inherent, fundamental conflict of interest, which makes anything they say completely meaningless. … Continue reading

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July 20, 1934 – One Of The Hottest Days In US History

On July 20, 1934 almost the entire US was over 95 degrees, with temperatures over 115 degrees in much of the Midwest and high plains.  This week’s much hyped heatwave is 10-20 degrees cooler than 1934. The frequency of hot … Continue reading

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NASA Preannounces Record Fraud For The Third Straight Year

NASA pre-announces the third consecutive hottest year ever, which I predicted they would do three years ago – because facts no longer have any place in climate science. Note the super hot Arctic, where NASA doesn’t actually have any thermometers. Global warming … Continue reading

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Another Arctic Alarmist Disaster

There has been very little melt going on in the Arctic Ocean the last few days, due to cold cloudy weather. This is not showing up in the DMI graph yet, but I expect it will in a few days. They always … Continue reading

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