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Islamic Terrorists Vs. Chicago Democrats

Chicago Democrats have been doing a pretty impressive job creating mayhem and murder this year in their gun-free city. 2016 Stats | Chicago Murder, Crime & Mayhem | HeyJackass! But they simply can’t compete with Islamic terrorists, who committed one terror … Continue reading

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Summer 1936 – Hottest In US History

On this date 80 years ago, Fort Yates, North Dakota reached 119 degrees. During 1936, temperatures reached over 110F across almost half of the US, including California, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, … Continue reading

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Obama : Hillary More Qualified Than George Washington

On the day after Independence Day, Obama announces that the Benghazi and Arab Spring architect is more qualified than George Washington to be president. Obama: Hillary is most qualified presidential candidate in history | New York Post Here is her … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton – World’s Second Biggest Liar

The only bigger liar is this guy.

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Charles Butler Interview

Charles Butler interviewed me this morning on his excellent radio talk show. It was a good discussion beginning at 30:00.

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