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Hillary’s Defense Is A Sham

Blatant fraud from Hillary’s website: Updated: The Facts About Hillary Clinton’s Emails Hillary’s defense is based on her claim that none of the sensitive documents she released to Russia and other hackers (like Guccifer) were marked classified at the time. … Continue reading

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80 Years Ago Today : Worst Heatwave in US History

, Page 1 – Carroll Daily Herald at Newspapers.com July 3, 1936 marked the beginning of the worst heatwave in US history. Thousands of people died.  Afternoon temperatures in Pawnee, Nebraska averaged 104F during July, and reached as high as 113F. … Continue reading

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All Animals Are Equal

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” –  George Orwell  Animal Farm

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Facts Have No Meaning To Progressives

I posted a direct quote from a 1989 newspaper article on Rolling Stone, and provided a link to the article.  “Concerned Citizen” accused me of making the quote up. How do you debate sociopaths like that? Did Exxon Lie About … Continue reading

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