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NOAA says that there has been no increase in heatwaves east of the Rockies, which covers more than two-thirds of the US. But while the Midwest joins the overall warming trend, it has not been hit frequently by summer heat waves, … Continue reading

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Most Ordinary July – Ever

July afternoon temperature anomalies in the US (so far) are just above average since 1895, and the occurrence of 100 degree days was not far above a record low. Experts will describe this as the “hottest July ever.” The three hottest … Continue reading

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Climate Superstition Is Weaponizing The Ignorant

Tornado activity has been near record lows, so Bloomberg wants you to forget about them and focus on The Empire State Building being struck by lightning as evidence of “climate change.” It’s largely our own fault. The Empire State Building actually … Continue reading

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Bernie The Glacier Melter

Bernie was born in 1941, and by the time he was nine years old he had melted several miles of Alaska’s Muir Glacier. Glacier and Landscape Change in Response to Changing Climate Bernie’s first job was mayor of Burlington at … Continue reading

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July 28, 1930 – One Of The Hottest Days On Record

These stations in  Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and Virginia set their all-time hottest temperature record on this date in 1930. GREENSBURG KY 114 WASHINGTON 1 W IN 113 SHELBYVILLE 1 E KY 112 MADISON SEWAGE PLT IN 110 WILLIAMSTOWN 3 W … Continue reading

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