Arctic Fraud In The Works


PolarOceanChallenge (@PolarOceanChall) | Twitter

Yesterday I tweeted the Polar Ocean Challenge and asked them if they had an icebreaker accompanying them. That was the only tweet I made to them.


Today they responded by blocking me.


I take that as a yes, and that they are probably attempting to pull off a Michael Mann sized fraud on the public.

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29 Responses to Arctic Fraud In The Works

  1. Neal S says:

    Wow. They think they can fool everyone.

    If they didn’t have an icebreaker they could just tell you no. If they did have an icebreaker, but were willing to admit it, they could just say yes. In either of those cases, there is no reason for them to block you.

    Now I hope they either fail, or if they do manage to get around with the help of an icebreaker, that the fraud can be made plain to all.

    • Stewart Pid says:

      On their site they talk of the Canadian ice charts giving them some encouragement and hoping to get updated Russian charts confirming. The post is today’s but likely 10 to 15 hours old (time difference) but the gist of it is they see the ice having blown off shore and that gives them hope that they can find a way through. Tony perhaps look at the Canuck charts, although as a Canuck I question how good our ice charts are on Russia’s coast … perhaps I would be surprised.
      Too bad they saw fit to block u …. had u done anything prior to antagonize them or had your reputation as an unwashed skeptic / realist proceeded you? I hate it when this climate change nonsense gets personal and abandons all science or common decency and only the choir is allowed to sing from the script.

  2. Jason Calley says:

    I suspect that the ardent CAGW enthusiasts belong to the “wishing will make it so” camp of philosophy. If no one offers confounding facts to their belief system, why then, it MUST be so. Tony, by even asking about whether they have an ice breaker, threatens to make their lovely CAGW cease to exist.

    CAGW is their “precious”.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      Jason, that would be my first guess based on the way I see people react to any challenge about their global warming beliefs. Most of the casual believers I know actually don’t understand even the most basic physics underlying the “science”. Most of them live in cocoons of like-minded people and I noticed they have a habit of making casual remarks about global warming without expecting a dispute.

      They expect just as trivial and casual responses, with everyone in agreement. It’s really small talk about the weather like people always had but now they can say their bit about “climate change”, feel smart and educated, and move on. When they get confronted by someone with at least rudimentary understanding of the science and the data, they get frustrated and after a brief argument they try to back out of the discussion without losing face. They need to maintain their belief that the challenger is dumb, wrong, uncaring or all of the above. Blocking a twitter account would fit this broad pattern.

      It is also possible there were no “they” who blocked Tony. It could be just one of them managing the account. By now, they all may be pretty worried and I would expect them to want to block out anything disturbing, like questions about icebreaker support they may not have.

      It will be interesting to watch.

      • Steve Fraser says:

        You mean, making Twitter into a CAGW ‘Safe’ zone?

        • Gail Combs says:

          Twitter is already know for it’s censorship.


          And it gets even funnier. I just saw:
          WikiLeaks Threatens Twitter with Competing Platform After Declaring Support for #FreeMilo come up on google when I went looking for the article again.

          Seems the Globalist Brave New World is crashing down on their heads.

  3. Anthony Bremner says:

    It is interesting that Crystal Charters will have an “escort vessel” for their Northwest Passage cruise which is actually an icebreaker. Not the same route though. Perhaps there will be an icebreaker going the Polar Challenge route that they can tuck in behind?

    • Stewart Pid says:

      Several days ago I came across an article about coal freighters going that way with ice breaker support every year to provide ports on the Arctic Ocean with coal for the coming winter. I can’t recall where it was though. From now through September I would bet there is a lot of traffic / summer shipping and therefore lots of ice breaker action.

  4. AndyG55 says:

    They are going to have to hope for some more melting.

    Even with all that help from satellites spying a way through, and the probable break-up using ice-breakers its going to be every difficult for them

    With the AMO heading down, La Nina on the way, and the sleepy sun, this year will almost certainly be there last chance for a propaganda coup for many , many years.

    I hope they aren’t stupid enough to try to push the issue and find themselves in desperate danger…

    ..but they are alarmista, so I doubt very much that common-sense will prevail.

    • AndyG55 says:

      ps. note that the DMI ice thickness is exactly on “average” (I’ve added an orange arrow to show it hiding behind the “average” line)

      Remarkable considering the battering it took from the El Nino early in the melt cycle.

      • RAH says:

        Well it seems to me that for the last couple weeks all the damned heat in the world is concentrated over the middle of the US. We’re having tropical weather here in central Indiana and so is pretty much all the Ohio Valley, upper Midwest, and the plains states. Been pushing 100 deg. F with very high humidity and a heavy downpours every couple days.

        Just got back from a run to Rochester, NY. Not quite as hot there but a whole lot dryer. Grass is brown and as one drives west on I-90 the greener it gets in NY state.

  5. John Leal says:

    Steve, I just asked them about the icebreaker, lol.

  6. Gerald Machnee says:

    I have not been to their web site.
    What kind of boat are they using??

  7. RAH says:

    Hey their track is BS unless their vessel can fly!!!! Check it out! Only an aircraft could have followed that track unless they have figured out how to make a vessel sail over land, up and down the cliffs of the fjords, and over the tops of mountains! Go to the Aerial view and zoom in on the portion of the track along the N. Norwegian coast.

  8. RAH says:

    OK my bad! I zoomed in even closer and they show passing through waterways well inland in Norway. So their track does show following water at least. Now that their approaching Arkhangle things should really start to get interesting.

  9. idbkiwi says:

    Oh dear.

    “Partly checked the new ice charts on we still have no chance of getting through yet, not past the cape or through the Laptev sea…lets hope for some southerly winds to push the ice from shore.”

  10. Anthony Bremner says:

    The only problem with the wind opening up a pathway is that the wind can change back to an onshore direction and crush their boat. As far as following an ice breaker I don’t think they could keep up with it and if they did they would crush the hull at that speed if is not ice reinforced. They will have to avoid large chunks of ice which will slow them down unless they want to end up like the Titanic. I saw a video of a sailboat being towed directly behind an icebreaker, it was not pretty. Using icebreakers to clear the way would destroy the point that they are trying to make though.

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