Darwin Award Alert

Our brilliant Arctic explorers have left Murmansk, and are headed directly into hundreds of miles of solid ice. Unless they have an icebreaker in front of them, they aren’t going anywhere.


Tracking – The Polar Ocean Challenge


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15 Responses to Darwin Award Alert

  1. Magilla says:

    Ship of fools

  2. skeptik says:

    The stupid it burns

  3. Stewart Pid says:

    Oh you doubters and deniers … they have Reggie hidden in the ships hold and with his mythical blow torch they will pass through the ice like a hot knife through butter … just you watch and learn!!

  4. gregole says:

    Ok – give these guys a break. They are out to prove the effects of global warming on the Arctic.

    The fact that there isn’t much global warming has done to the Arctic ice will be driven home by their little odyssey.

    And no, I don’t think they’ll get too far without an icebreaker.

    • Caleb says:

      I think these adventurers do have a nuclear powered Russian ice-breaker on call, which tends to suggest they are well-funded. They should be able to make their way, as those Russian icebreakers are fairly awesome. Of course, it is patently absurd to say Global Warming is making the voyage possible, when what is really making their passage possible is the money that can pay for an amazing icebreaker.

      Actually the opportunities for irony and sarcasm are plump and ripe. I can imagine all sorts of political cartoons. After all, it is a bit like a small car following a huge snow plow, and driver of the small car saying, “In the past a small car could not drive these roads in the winter. Must be Climate Change.”

      Of course, the fact the icebreaker they have on call is likely nuclear-powered is doubly ironic. We should be able to make a few heads explode by explaining how this little polar adventure shows how important and advantageous nuclear power is.

      In fact, rather than proving the point they left safe harbors intending to prove, with each passing mile they could find themselves deeper and deeper in stuff that is not white like sea-ice, but in the name of politeness I’ll call “irony.”

      It would be cruel of me to wish for a worst case scenario, which would be gale-force winds across the channel made by the icebreaker. In such a case the icebreaker opens the channel, but the wind slams the sides of the channel together like the jaws of a bear trap.

      I would never wish such a fate on any small boat in sea-ice. But there may be such a thing as Karma. And if they say any mean things about skeptics like myself in their posts, as they cross the open waters of the Beaufort and western Kara Seas, they may cause a Karmic boomerang to occur, and the sea-ice may close upon them like the jaws of a crocodile. (Not that I am any sort of authority when it comes to stuff like Karma or “reaping what you sow”. I just want to make it clear I didn’t wish it; and rather that they earned and deserved what they got, if and when they get crunched.) (After all, Alarmists tend to be a bit New-Age-Oriented, and when things go wrong they tend to never blame themselves, and instead blame stuff like “negative vibes”, and can launch from there onto witch hunts where they attack Skeptics, blaming “negativity” for the way their own witless endeavors have gone wrong.)

      In actual fact I wish them well. Once I was young and embarked on some amazingly stupid adventures upon small boats at sea. I should have died, and the fact I didn’t sometimes makes me now wonder if someone ashore, (a person I likely scorned and belittled), was praying like mad for me.

      The clear fact that certain people (such as myself in the year 1971) are complete morons, and deserve to be squashed like bugs, may in fact be a clear reason we should pray for them more, not less.

      In any case I hope the various worst-case-scenarios don’t happen to “The Polar Ocean Challenge”. They do seem naive, and may be headed towards one of those dreadful occasions where ignorance is most definitely not bliss.

      Just as I was once stupid, but made it back to safe harbors, I hope they make it home safely as well, even if they are in some ways preposterous dolts. Then I hope they learn, as I learned.

  5. BallBounces says:

    It’s a scientific fact that solid ice is much more stable than rough, wavy water.

  6. Margaret Berger says:

    It’s so bad of me that I really enjoy watching the progress of the ice free trips. They are more fun than the Tour de France. Loved it when the Russian crew on the Antarctic foray got fed up with their scientist/guests and off loaded them by helicopter.

  7. OrganicFool says:

    It would be interesting if they provided some kind of live feed or images of the “ice-free” Arctic.

  8. RickS says:

    Hmm ?

    Perhaps those Warminites are carrying 100’s of Global Warming Flashlights aboard their Mighty Global Cruise Vessel Ship that when combined into “one” beam (Beam them up Scotty) has the ability to “melt” anything in their path !

    Besides, if President Obama is aboard (Quite Possible!) then he can easily claim Presidential “Executive” Order “demanding” the ice to melt, hence providing a “smooth” path for those humble, intelligent, hard-working, educated, honest, progressive Climate Scientists so that they can “reveal” to us the disastrous, realtime effects of Global Warming of which over 99.999999999% of our “Leading” Scientists have already “proven” to be true, in fact, the Science is already “settled” !

    And just to think of it, those Highly regarded Global/Climate/Save-the-Earth Science dwellers are using man-driven “paddle” ores to inspect the Arctic Ice without even leaving a “trace” of fossil fuel remnants which has “proven” to be “detrimental” to the Arctic/Pacific/Atlantic/Earth/Global ecosystems !!!

    True Men/Women/Transgenders of outstanding eco-quality…

    “One small step for Mankind, and one “GIANT” leap for the “recently” discovered Grizzly x Polar Bear caused by Global Warming “Hybrid”, because they said so” !!!

    May Allah go with You

    Oops, I meant Harry Krishna ?

    My bad

  9. Timo Soren says:

    Well, the comment that “I was once young and foolish” applies to the 14 year old who has joined the crew BUT it does NOT apply to the skipper. I hope he is very careful and has a boat that is appropriate for the waters he is in.

    However, another ice locked boat adventure that ends up being rescued with no injuries would be the most probable outcome in my mind.

    • dave1billion says:

      The captain needs to do something to earn some of that eco-tourist money.

      My bet is that they travel as far as they can and then wait a while in open water before turning around, barring major shifts in the ice. I hesitate to say “major melting” because at this point I’d assume wind and current would have more to do with the ice opening up for them than simple melting.

      Give the punters a look at the scenery up there so they won’t feel totally cheated.

  10. Svend Ferdinandsen says:

    Why not repeat “The ship of fools” in the Arctic?

  11. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Well done Tony, you get a plug at both Daily Caller and ZH today.

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