1953 : All Of Louisiana Was Flooded For Three Months

In 1953, the entire state of Louisiana was flooded from April to June. Bill Nye says the current much smaller flood is due to Mann-made climate change.

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  1. Pinroot says:

    Inconvenient facts like this are why they’re trying to push back the start date of man made global warming.

  2. gator69 says:

    Florence Fetterer, principal investigator at the National Snow and Ice Data Center, described the data reconstruction process in a guest post at Carbon Brief…
    …as Fetterer explains, gaps remained in their records, which have now been filled into the NSIDC dataset using a variety of sources:

    The sea ice edge positions in the North Atlantic, between 1850 and 1978, derived from various sources, including newspapers, ship observations, aircraft observations, diaries and more.


    The next time a visiting “climate expert” howls about Tony’s newspaper articles, explain that NSIDC’s scientific method of Arctic ice reconstructions includes newspapers.

  3. Macusn says:

    What is see different is Data. Back then they gave the data with the paper. Today just “it is the worst ever”, but there is no data.


    • Gail Combs says:

      Back then you had independent small newspapers who were interested in reporting the local news.

      Hubby’s family is fifth generation newspapermen. If you have ever heard of Elijah Parish Lovejoy, the first family newspaperman was in Alton, Illinois at the same time as Lovejoy. Both were abolitionists and part of the underground railway. We do not know the actual history because after Lovejoy’s murder, great great granddad burned all his papers and letters to protect others in the group.

      The newspaper hacks of today would make those men ashamed to share the same profession.

  4. Jennifer says:

    According to this report, the “Amite River near Denham Springs, La. , reached a stage of 32.46 feet, the highest during a period of record beginning in 1938, as compared with the previous maximum of 29.59 feet in March 1948. The flood of March 15, 1921, reached a stage of 35.4 feet.”

    The flood of 2016, the Amite crested at 46.2 feet breaking the all time historic record.


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