Area Of Thick Arctic Ice Has Tripled In Four Years

Since 2012, the area of five foot thick sea ice in the Arctic has more than tripled.


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14 Responses to Area Of Thick Arctic Ice Has Tripled In Four Years

  1. Neal S says:

    If the area has increased so much, surely the overall volume of sea ice has increased quite a bit as well. How is this possible if the arctic really were melting away??

    One might suppose that those claiming the arctic is melting away, are actually lying big time.

    If the arctic is screaming, it is only because of forthcoming overcrowding.

  2. john edmondson says:

    Not good news for Mark Sezerre’s Arctic ice death spiral. There is worse to come for the warmists. The AMO is about to return to it’s cold phase, which will in turn greatly increase sea ice on the Atlantic side of the Arctic.

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  4. Plenum says:

    THE ABOVE IS FALSE INTERPRETATION OF DATA…. There was a severe Arctic storm that reduced ice cover well below the steady, all-ready-in-progress, melting that continues to reduce ice cover each year. RealScience wants to falsely claim this an increase when 2012 was an anomalous year – and ANYBODY WHO HAS FOLLOWED ARCTIC SEA ICE EXTENT AREN’T JACKASSES WHO CAN BE FOOLED WITH DATA MIS-INTERPRETATION LIKE MOST OF YOUR READER-BELIEVERS.

    • tonyheller says:

      Moron alert. The data shows exactly what I said it shows.

      • Plenum says:

        It’s cherry-picking. The two sea-ice extent images don’t include historical data that would render the headline absurd.

        • Gail Combs says:

          2012 was the MINIMUM and Arctic Ice has INCREASED not decreased since then.

          Mark Sezerre and Al Gore were screaming Arctic Ice DEATH SPIRAL and predicting ice free arctic a few years after 2012. They and the rest of the Climate Catastrophe Clowns were NOT predicting a recovery.

          Now that the ice is showing a recovery you want to erase and rewrite history. Ain’t gonna happen.

    • wizzum says:

      Really? “2012 was an anomalous year” I seem to remember every Gore and his dog calling 2012 the last gasp of the arctic before the only ice that could be found on the entire planet would be in Big Al’s single malt or a Buc Ee’s Gas station in Texas.

    • Jason Calley says:

      Hey Plenum! “2012 was an anomalous year”

      In your opinion, was 2012 anomalous because of natural variation, or was it due to something else? How do we determine which is natural and which is something else?

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  7. Skiphil says:

    Anyone going to follow the voyage of the Crystal Serenity through the “Northwest Passage”?? How much of a gamble is this in terms of a storm moving ice in its path or an early freeze??

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