Brian Cox Shows Exactly How Science Isn’t Done

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Brian Cox smugly pointed to a NASA graph, and said that it must be accurate because it was made by the people who put men on the moon. He said that anyone who disagreed with him probably didn’t believe we ever put men on the moon.

In other words, Brian didn’t do any research and made a childish appeal to an authority he knows nothing about. The people at NASA who actually put men on the moon aren’t very happy with the small handful of NASA climate fraudsters whom Cox has embraced.  Had he done any research, Cox would have known that the only scientist to have walked on the moon – Harrison Schmitt – is a Harvard PhD, geologist, Former US Senator, and is also a prominent climate skeptic.

This letter was sent to NASA by the people who actually put the men on the moon. They aren’t at all happy with NASA’s junk climate science or their worthless temperature graphs like the one being pointed to by Brian Cox.

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NASA Scientists Dispute Climate Change – Business Insider

Brian Cox took a drawing which he knows nothing about, and attributed it to people who disagree with his conclusions about the graph. Then he ridiculed anyone who disagreed with his unsupportable, unresearched and childish conclusions. This is exactly how real science is not done. Brian should probably leave science to adults, who aren’t as lazy as himself, and are willing to actually do some research before opening their mouths.

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