George Washington Warned Us About Barack Obama

If the freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.

George Washington

President Obama has done everything he can to wipe out free speech in the US, from prosecuting climate skeptics to creating a press corps which attacks and distorts the words of anyone defending the Bill of Rights. The press corps makes up fake scandals about Trump every day, and covers up the massive scandals being exposed about Obama, Hillary and the DNC.

If Hillary wins in November, we are in serious trouble.

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17 Responses to George Washington Warned Us About Barack Obama

  1. Nigel F says:

    Indeed we are. Obama has gutted any lawful integrity through many important departments and Hillary would only solidify it.
    If Trump doesn’t win I can’t see any Republican winning again, the deck will be stacked that badly against them. RINO’s maybe, but not conservatives.

  2. The Iconoclast says:

    “Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.”
    — Joseph Goebbels

  3. Frank K. says:

    It will be interesting to see how much influence the dying mainstream media still has. Cable TV, as an information and entertainment source, is rapidly decaying. With internet streaming now the norm, people can find programming from a wide range of providers. Personally, I will never watch CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS news again, and advertisers are seeing this trend as well. Even the New York Times is losing money.

    It should have been expected that the MSM would be gunning (can I still use that?) for whoever the GOP nominee was. Trump needs to start spending some money now getting his message out to the people. In fact, he needs to blanket the airwaves, bypassing the MSM filter. Unfortunately, the MSM has a head start on their strategy to attempt to completely destroy his reputation…

  4. Aurora Svant says:

    Given that rebellion against a corrupt government is the sacred duty of free American citizens, who is in trouble is not the people, but the corrupt government itself, in such a case.

  5. Leon Brozyna says:

    The polls of August are but a mirage … the one that counts is in November and it’ll be Trump in a landslide.

    • Bytor says:

      I 100% agree with you about the polls, they are simply fraudulent. In example, last week Reuters was caught Soviet red handed fraudulently altering one of their polls. They purposefully omitted an entire demographic (18-34), the very demographic that Clinton is being slaughtered in. Additionally, their polling data was biased almost 17% towards Democrats. And even with all of that, they only showed a 5% lead to Clinton.

      I sure hope you are correctly about Trump landslide. I have little doubt that the “actual” vote will be a landslide, but I fear the “reported” may not be. Additionally, two State Supreme Courts have shot down Voter-ID laws, the big one being Texas. Voter fraud will be rampant like we have never seen before. And finally, I just watched a segment whereby a guy was showing how anyone can spend just $15 on a small USB stick device and use it to commit voter fraud on one of the most widely used voting machines in the country, which, by the way, is manufactured by a company owned by George Soros.

      If Clinton is declared the winner in November, I will not be believing it, and I don’t think I will be the only one in disbelief.

  6. annieoakley says:

    This is it. The US cannot survive should Hitlery be elected.. but stranger things have happened.

  7. Bytor says:

    Tony, we are already in very serious trouble. If anyone other than Trump is elected this election, it will simply be over. Our country will devolve into a civil war and the country as we currently know it will no longer exist.

  8. mddwave says:

    You inspired me to find the source of the quote. From honorable George Washington’ talk to the military, seventh paragraph.

    “There might, Gentlemen, be an impropriety in my taking notice, in this Address to you, of an anonymous production—but the manner in which that performance has been introduced to the Army—the effect it was intended to have, together with some other circumstances, will amply justify my observations on the tendency of that Writing. With respect to the advice given by the Author—to suspect the Man, who shall recommend moderate measures and longer forbearance—I spurn it—as every Man, who regards that liberty, & reveres that Justice for which we contend, undoubtedly must—for if Men are to be precluded from offering their sentiments on a matter, which may involve the most serious and alarming consequences, that can invite the consideration of Mankind; reason is of no use to us—the freedom of Speech may be taken away—and, dumb & silent we may be led, like sheep, to the Slaughter.”

  9. Another Ian says:

    A quote I re-found the other day

    “He warned that if another war broke out there would be a disastrous period for six months while those who had reached high positions on inadequate abilities in peacetime would have to be replaced”.

    From R.V. Jones (1978), “Most Secret War”.

    And that was from 1918 to about 1930 – what we’ve got in the public service has been festering for about 70 years!

  10. Robertv says:

    The last 100 years Progressives have been very effective in destroying what makes America great.

    We The People

    Big Government doesn’t work. Big Government can only stay in power by force because they have to suck the life blood out of a country to pay for it. There is no free lunch.

  11. John Edmondson says:

    The bookies over here in the UK have Mrs Clinton as the clear favourite.


    Clinton = 2/7
    Trump = 7/2
    Ryan = 66/1

    Normally the bookies are right, but they got Brexit totally wrong. Stay was 2/7 and leave 7/2 on June 22nd.

    However, isn’t congress and the senate more important in terms of what laws will actually be made/changed?

    • Jason Calley says:

      Hey John! “isn’t congress and the senate more important in terms of what laws will actually be made/changed?”

      In theory you are correct — but only if the US Constitution were still being followed. In that case, yes, Congress and Senate make the laws and all the President does is enforce them. Sadly, the office of the President (the Executive Branch of the government) has increasingly arrogated to itself the power to decide which laws it will or will not enforce, and to even arbitrarily write “executive orders” which it then enforces as if they were the equivalent of laws. Congress and Senate have allowed this to continue, much like the Roman Senate allowed the Consuls to become tyrants. Any unbiased observer will tell you that the US Republic is dead. What we have had for many years now is a sort of serial monarchy where a small group of oligarchs take turns being king.

      The good news is that what can’t go on, doesn’t go on.

      • john edmondson says:

        Thanks Jason, so the choice for President does not look good? I suppose you will be voting for the lesser of two evils? Over here the media seems to be very anti- Trump. Hilary Clinton’s highly dubious track record does not get a mention. Personally I think Trump will win, just like here and the Brexit campaign, people are seek of being told what to do by the so called political elites.

  12. Gail Combs says:

    We can not believe anything the MSM tells us including the agenda polls they publish.

    Caddell brought a particular instance of media bias to Bannon’s attention, something he ranked among the most outrageous examples he had ever seen: the rigging of a Reuters poll to move Hillary Clinton back into the lead. Pat Caddell is a political analyst and a democrat.

    Pew, shows about 32% democrats, 27% republican and 41% independent. Reuters only sampled 13% independents and way over sampling democrats.
    7/29/2016 The Reuters/Ipsos polling team announced Friday that they are dropping the “Neither” option from their presidential preference polls after their tracking polls showed a 17-point swing in favor of the Republican nominee Donald J. Trump, exposing the “Secret Trump Voters” Democrats fear.

    Sierra Rayne @ American Thinker shows the 2012 pre-election polls were not significantly biased. (Or were adjusted to agree with the election fraud.) “November 4, 2012 election poll was made up of 35% Democrats and 29% Republicans, this was bang on the mark for being representative. “ That means 36% Independent.

    So here are some polls (snicker)
    July 8 2016 Congressional Performance by Rasmussen Reports
    Excellent‎: ‎3%
    Good‎: ‎8%
    Fair‎: ‎29%
    Poor‎: ‎57%
    The US citizen is really fed-up with the District of Criminals, the lying, the loss of jobs and getting hit over the head with Political Correctness if he doesn’t kiss the butt of the precious Social Justice Warriors.

    Trust in media continues to nose dive. Republicans, Independents and the young voters trust the media the least. The Democrats are still some what brainwashed.

    A year ago Gallop reported ” Four in 10 Americans say they have “a great deal” or “a fair amount” of trust and confidence in the mass media to report the news fully, accurately and fairly. “ Notice they had to toss “a fair amount” into the bucket to get the numbers up to 40% Older reports only used “a great deal”

    More recent polls as of April 2016 show 6% trust in the MSM (Huff ‘n Puff gives 12%) And that is before Wikileaks dropped the BOMB on the DNC showing collusion between the DNC, Hitlery and the MSM. (There went ALL the Bernie Supporters ~ 1/2 the democrats.)

    A couple of the online polls

    votes counted 325,708
    Donald Trump – Republican Party 166,905 — 51%
    Hillary Clinton – Democratic Party 118,626 — 36%
    Jill Stein – Green Party 18,343 — 6%
    Gary Johnson – Libertarian Party 21,834 — 7%

    votes counted 92,761
    Donald Trump – Republican Party 35,971 39%
    Hillary Clinton – Democratic Party 21,741 — 23%
    Jill Stein – Green Party 10,573 — 11%
    Gary Johnson – Libertarian Party 15,444 — 17%
    Darell Castle – Constitution Party 9,032 — 10%

    These polls are rough but they do show that people are deserting the democrats to vote third party. Normally it is the democrats who fund a bogus third party candidate to split the republican vote (Think Virginia.)

    One of the recent Agenda polls published to showing Hitlery in the lead completely left out the 18 to 35 age group! This group would hold the most Bernie Sanders voters so it looks like the DNC-Wikileaks has cause a large chunk of Bernie voters (polls say about 1/2) opting to vote for anyone BUT Hillary.

    Poll of 2,000 Bernie people from Yik Yak which has a 98 percent millennial user base.
    48% would vote third party.
    39% support Hitlery
    13% Trump

    That Translates to about 20% of the Democrat voter base.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Non-Hispanic whites make up 63 percent of the U.S. Pew shows Non-Hispanic whites make up 69% of U.S. eligible voters
      Asians, 5 percent
      Hispanics, 17 percent
      blacks, 12 percent
      multiracial Americans, 2 percent.

      Pew showed in the 2012 presidential election, 64% of non-Hispanic white eligible voters cast ballots, as did 67% of black eligible voters. By comparison, the voter turnout rate was 48% among Hispanics and 47% among Asians. However without Obummer the black voter turnout will be less. With Trump giving a non-establishment patriot to vote for, the discouraged non-voters will show up in droves. Also the solidly democrat Union voters have FINALLY awaken and realized the Clintons sent their jobs to Mexico and China thanks to NAFTA, the WTO and the entry of China into the WTO. Therefore they are taking a hard look at Trump.

      the far-left progressive leader of the huge SEIU union admits that many or most of her blue-collar members are sympathetic to Donald Trump’s pro-American populist message.

      …Can you see Trump winning the election? Axelrod asked. “Yea, I could, I could,” said Mary Kay Henry, the international president of the Service Employees International Union.

      “Sixty-four percent of our public members identify as conservative, and are much more interested in the Republican debate than the Democratic debate at the moment… To stomp on Trump’s support, union’s leaders are personally pressuring the members, she said.

      “We’re doing one-on-ones with every one of our members right now,” said Henry. “We’re going into hyperdrive, especially in the pockets of our membership that have a lot of Muslim leaders to stand against what is being said” by Trump

      The interest in Trump is seen at his rallies. In Wilmington NC 10% of the cities population, 5% of the greater metropolitan area showed to hear him speak. Hillary has to PAY people to show up at her rallies and she only gets a few hundred vs ten thousand.


      The biggest problem that I see is the media publishing bogus polls showing a neck and neck race on the eve of the election followed by MASSIVE vote tampering in key states.

  13. BobW in NC says:

    Washington’s quote was ironically repeated and made real by Joseph Goebbles:

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

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