More On The Mind-Blowing Fraud From The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Earlier today I showed how the claims in this article were complete nonsense for the USHCN station in Milwaukee.

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August on track to be one of warmest

The USHCN station in  Milwaukee doesn’t have a very long record, but the station at Font du Lac 50 miles away does.

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August at Font du lac was 47th warmest since 1895, not 4th warmest. Many summers were much hotter than this one.


Font du Lac had no days above 90 degrees, compared to eighteen days above 90 in 1937. The frequency of 90 degree days at Font du Lac has plummeted to record lows. Ninety degree days used to be quite common.


Hottest temperatures have also plummeted, and are near record lows now.


August maximum temperatures in Wisconsin are plummeting over the past 90 years. This August was almost exactly average in Wisconsin.

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 4.08.03 AM

This summer in Wisconsin was not hot. The dishonesty of the press is off scale however.

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