More Spectacular Fraud From Climate Scientists

Experts say that the Zachariae Isstrom glacier, and other northern Greenland glaciers are crumbling into the sea, and will raise sea level by 18 inches.


Biggest Glacier in Greenland is crumbling in to North Athlantic Ocean – Thornton Technology Time

As always, they are lying. Zachariae Isstrom has lost ice on one tongue, and gained it on two others. These are very minor changes and have zero impact on sea level.


“North Greenland glaciers are changing rapidly,” said lead author Jeremie Mouginot,

The other large glacier in north Greenland, the Petermann Glacier, has gained quite a bit of ice over the last three years. It is changing – it is getting larger. The author is intentionally misleading readers about the state of Greenland’s glaciers.


Sadly, this sort of fraud is standard operating procedure for climate scientists, who are paid to push the global warming scam.

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