Ship Of Fools “could be in trouble”

We had 6/10 ice, and if we ploughed on until the middle and got caught, we could be in trouble. Im already losing sleep, and don’t want to lose any more unnecessarily,

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I’v been trying to warn them for a month, but they blocked me and listened to climate fraudsters instead. And then went on a massive drinking binge.  I think they could be in serious trouble, because the southerly winds coming in tomorrow will likely compact the ice around them.

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  1. CheshireRed says:

    The boat is aluminium. Good luck with that if it’s tightly surrounded by compacted sea ice. It could be crushed like a tin can in Mother Nature’s vice – and that really would be an Arctic sea ice catastrophe.

  2. The Iconoclast says:

    Wait, so they’re NOT going to sail around the North Pole to demonstrate that due to progressive sea ice recession due to Arctic climate change, it is now possible during one season?

    An inconvenient truth indeed!

  3. AZ1971 says:

    Let this ship of fools get iced in. I’d love the story to be splashed around the media, just like those idiots who got into trouble in the Antarctic.

  4. Aurora Svant says:

    How are they going to spin this one using “global warming” ? Crushed by rotten ice ?

  5. Joel O'Bryan says:

    Even if they get out of this (ice)jam, they are behind schedule to get through the NW passage in Canada before it begins to ice up in 30 days or so. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them abandon this excursion once they get to Alaska.

  6. Gail Combs says:

    Stuck in ice
    Small boat
    Idiot greenie snowflakes
    Polar bears storing up fat for winter hibernation….

    Are there bets being place on whether they get out of this alive yet?

  7. RickS says:

    “I think they could be in serious trouble” ?

    Man I hope so !!!

    How else can “stupidity” be rewarded ??

    It’s like telling someone not to enter a burning building when they say “It doesn’t look like it’s burning to me” ???

    [Well then go, and burn, and die] !!!

    When people are that frickin dumb, then grab a chair, kick back and watch (Film it if you can, maybe others when seeing/viewing it, perhaps they will wake up and “not” make such a stupid error that obviously a person with a “brain” wouldn’t have made ?!?)

    These people absolutely and totally “deserve” what they get, they “believed” the lie, they “embraced” the lie and now let them “deal” with the lie, after all, the ice has melted, right ?

    Then there are no worries, and as one rock band put it years ago, “Keep Pushin”…


    • John of Cloverdale WA Australia says:

      “FreezeOn”, reminds me of an AC/DC song, Rick, with a small change of the lyrics:
      Got another empty bottle
      And another empty bed
      Ain’t too young to admit it
      And I’m not too old to lie
      I’m just another empty head
      That’s why I’m lonely
      I’m so lonely
      But I know what I’m gonna do
      I’m gonna freeze on
      Freeze On.

  8. RickS says:

    Ha, “Das Boot” ?

    Perfect !

    What a “great”, modern, design ?

    Looks Sea worthy to Me !

    It could definitely make it across, Salton Sea ?

    Well at least with no wind blowing and a completely flat sea !

    Perfect !!

    Question ?

    Does anyone know where to find an icebreaking submarine ??

    Just wondering…

  9. David Banks says:

    In the South it is here hold my beer. In the North it is here hold my vodka. Similar results though Darwin awards for all.

  10. annieoakley says:

    The guy is worried about ‘losing sleep’? That’s rich.

  11. Lance says:

    Well, like years past, IF they make it to Canada, my fine Canadian tax donations to the Gov’t will be used to rescue these idiots AGAIN…this won’t be the last ones, and they sure as h*ll are not the first one’s either.

  12. Rud Istvan says:

    It is an ice hardened (ribs, hull thickness) aluminum hull. Not as good as steel, but better than fiberglass. Plus a swingable centerboard rather than fixed keel. They pull that back, ice has little hull purchase. Look up the design plans. Problem is not ice crushing vessel– no purchase. Problem is ice stopping vessel. Which it already has.

  13. etudiant says:

    The downside to having a shallow draft boat is that it can operate in shore water that is inaccessible to larger ships such as icebreakers.
    It will not be possible to free their boat by smashing the ice, they need good winds to open a route through it.

  14. Steve Fraser says:

    Did someone go out in a dinghy to take that pic?

    • Rud Istvan says:

      Pic is from either 2001 or 2004. Amazing how they persist. Proof via google fu on the boat, not the present expedition using that boat.

  15. miniTAX says:

    There is a saying : “too stupid to learn ? feel it”.

  16. Neal S says:

    So the SOF is underway headed south. I am guessing they will try to find a clearer path near the coast and try to be able to sneak through that way. I’ve tried to copy to the tracking image the rough outline of the 10-30% green and 90-100% brown ice area from the russian ice chart.

  17. Neal S says:

    Let see … how did I do ….

    Thu Aug 11th, 201612:21:30 pm
    Speed: 12.17 km/h Heading: E
    Elevation: 14.52 m Batt: Normal
    Lat: 76.780593 Lon: 108.315925

  18. Colorado Wellington says:

    Hempie has a dilemma. How does he promote his brand of a fearless polar adventurer brand but show at the same time it’s a piece of cake to circumnavigate the Polar Ocean because global warming melted the ice?

    I’m sure he got a lot of grief from the BBC and other global warming propagandists for all the pictures of his stuck ship and sea ice as far as the eye can see. It is hard to serve two masters but Hempie is a shrewd operator.

    He added something called Sea State Logs. More likely he asked someone back home to add it because it would be hard to manage the website over the satellite link.

    So now Hempie’s out of trouble again. The expedition can fight its way through ice but stay on message:

    Look what you people have done! The Arctic has melted! There is no ice!

    Here is what the page conveys:

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