Summer 2016 Vs Summer 1936


The heatwave of 1936 was incomprehensibly hot by modern standards.  July/August maximum temperatures in Clinton, Missouri averaged 16 degrees (F) warmer than 2016 so far. Eighty percent of the days in 1936 were over 100 degrees, compared to 0% of the days in 2016. During 1936, they had two stretches of six consecutive days over 110 degrees, one in July and one in August. On this date in 1936 it was 115 degrees at Clinton, 34 degrees warmer than today’s forecast.

Climate experts say that the 2016 heatwave is due to global warming.

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  1. Dr. A says:

    Missouri and much of the continental U.S. was incomprehensibly dry in 1936. Extreme drought. The intelligencia who read this blog should understand the relationship between humidity and temperature. If its extremely dry then a heatwave will generate incomprehensibly hot temperatures. This is why Arizona has soaring high temperatures every summer. And this is why the 1930’s had exceptionally hot temperatures in the summer.

    To quote Tony: “The past two years has been much wetter than normal across the corn belt.” So, clearly 2016 midwest to 1936 midwest is not a fair comparison. If we were in dust bowl era drought (yes a decade of drought; the most extreme meteorological event of the century) then its more than plausible to expect temperatures today might in fact mirror or exceed 1936. Using the dust bowl era as a comparison to the present e.g. using an extreme example, an outlier if you will, as evidence is not compelling.

    • TeaPartyGeezer says:

      I’d say it’s pretty damn compelling. Apparently, past temperatures have been higher than current temps. It lays waste to the screechings of climate alarmists about this year being the HOTTEST EVAH! … the same claim they’ve made for the last several years.

      Sometimes it’s warmer, sometimes it’s cooler.
      Sometimes it’s wetter, sometimes it’s drier.
      Sometimes it’s windier, sometimes it’s calmer.
      Sometimes it’s extreme, most times it’s not.

      It’s WEATHER!

    • Gator69 says:

      Do comparing apples to apples is not compelling? Should we just ignore all data before 1979? Or only include data before 1979 when it supports CAGW?

      Dr A gets an F.

    • Jason Calley says:

      “If we were in dust bowl era drought (yes a decade of drought; the most extreme meteorological event of the century) then its more than plausible to expect temperatures today might in fact mirror or exceed 1936.”

      How about “if the CO2 in 1936 were at 400 ppm, then it would be more plausible to expect temperatures then might in fact mirror or exceed today’s.” But CO2 was NOT at 400ppm — and it was STILL hotter back in 1936. That kind of blows the “man made CO2 makes the globe hotter” out of the water, huh?

      (If the coach hadn’t left me on the bench, it is plausible that we would have won STATE that season!) :)

  2. Dr. A says:

    Okay, I’m convinced. Apples to dusty apples.

  3. Steve Case says:

    Amazing find I expect read about in the NY Times tomorrow.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  4. TA says:

    Here is some anecdotal evidence (newspaper headlines) from the 1930’s to give you a little comparison between then and now. Anyone who thinks the 21st century, the supposed “hottest years evah!”, were hotter than the 1930’s is delusional.

    The entire decade of the 1930’s was an extreme heat wave and it was worldwide.

    1933: West Australian Heat Wave – “Severest In History”

    1933: Heat Waves, Floods, Droughts, Famines Plague China

    1933: Spain’s Heat Wave: 130 Degrees In Shade

    1933: Heat Wave Causes New Jersey Road To “Explode”

    1933: Hottest June In U.S. History – Heat Wave & Drought

    1933: 21 Perish During Texas, Louisiana Tornado & Hail Storms

    1933: Drought In South Africa – “Worst Outlook For 50 Years”

    1933: Flooding In China Kills 50,000

    1933: India’s Ganges River Bursts Its Banks – Widespread Flood Damage
    & Fatalities

    1934: 80% of U.S. Suffers From Drought Conditions

    1934: “Heat Wave In China Kills One In Every Thousand”

    1934: Antarctic Has Incredible Heat Wave – 25 Degrees Over Zero

    1934: February Tornado Strikes Several U.S. States

    1934: World Wide Drought & Heat Causes Vast Majority of Alps’ Glaciers
    To Melt

    1934: Iowa Heat Wave In May – Pushes Temps Over 110 Degrees

    1934: All 48 U.S. States Over 100 Degrees During June

    1934: 14 Days of Above 100°F Temps Kill Over 600 Americans

    1934: South African Drought Severely Hits Farmers

    1934: Nebraska Temperatures Soar To 117 Degrees

    1934: Drought, Heat, Floods, Cyclones, & Forest Fires Hit Europe

    1934: British Drought Stunts Hay Growth

    1934: Worst Drought In England For 100 Years

    1934: 7 Days of Incessant, Torrential Rains Cause Massive Flooding In
    Eastern Bengal

    1934: Global Warming Causes 81% Of Swiss Glaciers To Retreat

    1934: Canadian Crops Blasted By Intense Heat Wave

    1934: “South African Floods Are Unprecedented”

    1934: Typhoon Hits Japan Followed By A Massive Tsunami

    1934: Record Heat And Drought Across The Midwest

    1934: China’s Fall Crops Burning Up During Drought & Heat

    1934: Five Million Americans Face Starvation From Drought

    1934: Adelaide, Australia Has Record Dry Spell

    1934: Gigantic Hailstorm Blankets South African Drought Region

    1934: Drought And Sweltering Heat In England

    1934: Record Heat Bakes Wisconsin – 104°F

    1934: 20 Nebraskans Succumb To Unprecedented 117 Degree Heat

    1934: Poland Swamped By Floods – Hundreds Perish

    1934: 115 Degrees In Iowa Breaks Record

    1934: 115 Degrees Reached In China In The Shade – Heat Wave Ruining

    1934: Majority of Continental U.S. Suffers From Drought Conditions

    1934: Severe Northern Hemisphere Drought Causes Wheat Prices To

    1934: Extreme U.S. Winter Weather Leaves 60 Dead In Its Path

    1935: Severe Wind Storm Lashes Western States With 60 MPH Gusts

    1935: Florida Burns Its Dead After The Most Powerful Hurricane In US

    1935: “The Worst Dust Storm In History” – Kansas City

    1935: Worst Drought Since 1902 Has Queensland, Australia In Its Grip

    1935: “50 Dust Storms In 104 Days

    1935: France Cooked By Heat Wave

    1935: Tropical Windstorm Strikes Texas With 85 MPH Gusts

    1935: ‘Black Dusters’ Strike Again In The Texas Dust Bowl

    1935: India Hit With Extreme Heat Wave – 124 Degrees

    1935: Heat Wave, Drought & Torrential Rains Cause Misery In Europe

    1936: Italian Alps Glacier Shrinks: WWI Army Bodies Uncovered By

    1936: Ice Bridge In Iceland Collapses From Heat Wave & Glacier Melt

    1936: Violent Tornadoes Pummel The South – 300 Dead

    1936: Dust, Snow & Wind Storm Hit Kansas Region In Same Day

    1936: Unprecedented Heat Wave In Moscow

    1936: Ukraine Wheat Harvest Threatened By Heat Wave

    1936: 780 Canadians Die From Heat Wave

    1936: Iowa Heat Wave Has 12 Days of Temperatures Over 100 Degrees

    1936: Heat Wave Deaths In Just One Small U.S. City: 50 Die In
    Springfield, IL

    1936: Missouri Heat Wave: 118 Degrees & 311 Deaths

    1936: Ontario, Canada Suffers 106 Degree Temps During Heat Wave

    1936: Alaska’s 10-Day Heat Wave Tops Out At 108 Degrees

    1936 : Record Heat Wave Bakes Midwest; “Condition of Crops Critical”

    1936: Midwest Climate So Bad That Climate Scientist Recommends
    Evacuation of Central U.S.

    1936: 12,000 Perish In U.S. Heat Wave – Murderous Week

    1936: Single Day Death Toll From Heat Wave – 1,000 Die

    1936: Iceland Hurricane Sinks Polar Research Ship Filled With

    1936: Severe Drought & Disastrous Floods In Southern Texas

    1936: 20,000 Homeless In Flame Ravaged Forests of Oregon

    1936: Northern California Seared By Forest Fires Over 400-Mile Front

    1936: Tremendous Gale & Mountainous Waves Pound S. California – 7
    Persons Missing

    1936: Glacier Park Hotel Guests Flee As Forest Fire Advances – Worst
    Fire In Years

    1936: Iowa Christmas Season Heat Wave Sets Temperature Records: 58

    • Climate Skeptic says:

      Thank you for that list!

      Right now I am trying to argue that the oceans across the globe lie flat and do not bunch up in spots and patches. I can’t believe that such an argument is necessary but there you go.

  5. The Iconoclast says:

    They need to disappear 1936 like they disappeared the MWP.

  6. TA says:

    The world would have been better off had Hansen studied old newspaper articles about the climate, rather than tree rings. He would have come much closer to the truth, had he done so. But, maybe he wasn’t interested in the truth. Yeah, that’s it!

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