Olympic Sized Fraud : Climate Scientists Versus Human Beings

Climate scientists say that global warming is making it too hot to hold the Olympics :

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Global Warming Will Make It Nearly Impossible to Hold the Summer Olympics

They say that the athletes in Rio are struggling with the heat.

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Olympic Athletes Challenged by New Opponent: Global Warming – Bloomberg

The reality is that athletes in Rio say they are freezing.

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We have no clothes to protect us from cold – Nigerian athletes – Vanguard News

And their claims that summers are getting hotter are simply fragrant lies. Over the last 85 years, July/August afternoon temperatures in the US have plummeted by an average of 0.1C/decade. Almost eighty percent of the states have seen Olympic season maximum temperature declines during that period.

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The trend in July/August afternoon temperatures in the US since 1895 is down.

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But the fraud goes far beyond the junk science.  The 1968 Olympics were held in October in Mexico City, because temperatures there in the summer are over 100 degrees. We have held Olympics in hot places in the past, and already know how to deal with it. During summer 1968, the US athletes trained in Los Alamos, New Mexico because of the altitude.  I used to go watch them train at the high school track.  I’m in Los Alamos now, and it is cold here. This is what Los Alamos looked like yesterday afternoon.

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 3.23.50 AM

Every single thing these “scientists” said was fraudulent, and they are saying it because they are being paid to lie by governments spending billions of dollars to spread propaganda.

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