US Taxpayers Could Lose Trillions To Criminal Climate Alarmists By 2020

The climate mafia keeps pushing the sea level scam.


Florida beaches haven’t changed in 56 years.


‘Where the Boys Are’ Disproves Rising Seas Scare

California beaches haven’t changed in 145 years.

1871     2016

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10 Responses to US Taxpayers Could Lose Trillions To Criminal Climate Alarmists By 2020

  1. RAH says:

    Sons of Beaches haven’t ever changed!

  2. Dan zielinski says:

    What accounts for reports of an increase in what I’ll call ‘high tide flooding’ where some say that local streets in southern Florida and other places flood slightly? My family experienced this on Long Island occasionally but usually at full moon high tides and this hasn’t changed in decades. My guess is that it’s similar or there is coastal erosion that brings water closer to streets.

    • Latitude says:

      Dan those same streets in north Miami and Broward have been flooding for over 60 years….they were designed that way
      It was decided when they were built that it was too expensive to raise them…and flooding 1-2 times a year was acceptable

    • Paul says:

      King Tides or Spring Tides occur in a few times a year when the Earth, The Moon and The Sun Align which causes greater flooding in Florida.

  3. ltregulate says:

    The only homes underwater will be those that purchased high and sold low. This nonsense gets repeated all over the internet. Like a cancer that can’t be stopped. Media is complicit in this movement. The only thing rising will be our taxes.

  4. R. Shearer says:

    The oldest brick structure in the continental US, Castello de San Marco in St Augustine, FL, is in its 4th century. There does not appear to be any significant sea level rise comparing drawings of it over the years to today.

  5. Steve Fraser says:

    Great examples. On the coastal rock pic pair, the only differences I see are the color, the trees, a roofline, and a slightly higher camera elevation location formthem2nd pic. All the foreground rock edges match nicely, and in the 2nd pic, the top of the formation can be seen. That change in camera elevation also causes the horizon to raise as well.

    • RAH says:

      The only real variable that could make a difference in the comparison of water level in those pics is the tide. But how can one account for that unless they know the exact time and date both pics were taken.

  6. My Florida Keys home is 18 feet above sea level (not on East coast). No major change in beachfront, and there’s no dredging. Plus, no hurricane in almost 20 yrs.

    Yes, I could lose the house tomorrow — which would be a drag; it’s mostly a rental property (I’ll spare the VRBO link). But, add another unscientific observational data point…

  7. Mrs Whatsit says:

    The beaches in New Jersey are constantly changing, from erosion due to coastal storms and then replenishment by the municipalities.

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