World Experiences Record Climate Fraud

NOAA has convinced the world that mild temperatures in May were red hot, and the hottest ever.



With the world experiencing its hottest ever temperatures, these are the places seeing the biggest spikes | World Economic Forum

Most of the data in that map is fake. The actual measured NOAA data showed the places where humans live, were for the most part quite cool in May.


201605.gif (990×765)

And Earth was much warmer when Vikings farmed Greenland, and England’s wine crop competed with France.

ScreenHunter_1221 Jul. 22 06.39

CHANGING CLIMATE INDICATED IN ARCTIC – Professor Griggs Traces Fate of Lost Norse Colonies to Increasing Greenland Cold. TREE ROOTS PIERCE BODIES

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4 Responses to World Experiences Record Climate Fraud

  1. Bytor says:

    That data has to be fake (fraudulent). Tennessee has NOT been below average for July/Aug .. It has been slightly above average with temperatures consistently in the 90F’s virtually every single day. We have not broken any high temperature records, nor have we reached 100F this year, but we have definitely been slightly above average all summer.

    The graph you show is showing us to be cooler than average. That simply cannot possibly be. So, NOAA most certainly is wrong about our region, and as you continually show, I suspect NOAA has just made it all up.

  2. AndyG55 says:

    Compare to UAH for May

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