Climate Scientists Published A Paper Debunking Themselves

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.

  • Albert Einstein

Ted Cruz correctly asserted that climate models over-predict warming. This caused a group of climate scientists to hysterically parrot their normal pack of lies.


Climate scientists published a paper debunking Ted Cruz | John Abraham | Environment | The Guardian

They said warming is indisputable.


In 1979, NOAA said cooling is indisputable.


Lawrence Journal-World – Google News Archive Search

Next they claimed that surface and satellite temperatures agree.


That is a wildly fraudulent claim. Satellite and surface temperatures diverge spectacularly this millennium.


Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

Next, they claim that ice loss and sea level rise are evidence of global warming.


Sea level has been rising continuously for 20,000 years.


File:Post-Glacial Sea Level.png – Wikimedia Commons

But temperatures have been falling for the last 8,000 years. All that sea level rise tells us is that we are not currently in an ice age.


File:Holocene Temperature Variations.png – Wikimedia Commons

Scientists have known for decades that West Antarctic ice loss has nothing to do with climate.


23 Jan 1977, Page 13 – Independent Press-Telegram at

This has been going on for centuries, since CO2 was at pre-industrial levels.


23 Jan 1977, Page 13 – Independent Press-Telegram at

Eighty years ago, the glaciers of Greenland and Norway were facing catastrophic collapse. CO2 was below 315 PPM at the time.


2 May 1932, Page 4 – Jefferson City Post-Tribune at

Junk scientists have been imagining climate change for as long as anyone can remember. Their beliefs tell us nothing about the climate, but they do tell us about the frailties of human nature.



As far as I can tell, climate scientists are people who know nothing about climate or the scientific method. They parrot propaganda without doing any actual research.

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5 Responses to Climate Scientists Published A Paper Debunking Themselves

  1. Jeffk says:

    HOW DEMOCRATS THINK — Depending on the Audience —Please Share
    edited 10/1/16:

    Dems say things are dandy to one audience, ask for campaign donations / Dems say things are terrible to another audience, ask for their votes

    Dems fear “global warming”, a theoretical threat based on imaginary evidence / Dems ridicule concern for terrorism, violent crime, failing schools and other actual threats

    Dems hate centuries long proven traditions that evolved humans / Dems still cling to decades old, already disproven ideas from hippie days

    Dems love cultural diversity / Dems hate the melting pot

    Dems say one bad cop represents all cops / Dems say one (innocent) black suspect…

    Dems hate the days of vigilante justice, “wild west” / Dems worship anti-police thugs and rap stars, imply justice should be subject to quotas, mob rule now

    Dems immediately blame “hate crime” when race, gender, social justice-like incidents may have occurred / Dems immediately say “too early to tell, no terror indications” when Islamist terror attacks just happened

    Dems imply more “privilege” = more guilt / Dems imply less income = less guilt

    Dems say one Muslim sect doesn’t represent all Muslims / Dems say one Christian church represents all Christians

    Dems hate soaring healthcare costs / Dems want expanded industry subsidies that drove up costs before

    Dems hate soaring college tuitions / Dems call for more student subsidies that drove up college costs before

    Dems lament high child daycare costs, falling household incomes / Dems champion single mothers and subsidies pushing up demand, costs

    Dems hate gentrification, lack of affordable housing / Dems love NIMBY fears, urban blight and reliable voting blocs

    Dems love urban renewal public spaces and infrastructure when city crime goes down / Dems advocate prison releases and neutered cops, so city crime goes back up

    Dems only heard MLK’s Dream speech say “skin color” / Dems ignored the part about “content of character”

    Dems love healthy foods on school menus / Dems hate “fat-shaming” and normalize unhealthy, obese children, voters

    Dems in Hollywood love merit-based awards / Dems in H’wood hate awards when too white

    Dems think white people exploit only non-whites and negative outcomes only happen then / Dems praise when non-whites exploit other non-whites, ignore negative outcomes then

    Dems mock “trickle down” free enterprise, more tax revenues / Dems instead believe in trickle down socialism, high tax rates

    Dems hate walled, gated subdivisions dividing us / Dems love tax-free solar panels enabling “off grid” living

    Dems hate violence against women / Dems welcome migrants from honor-killing nations, Clinton donors

    Dems hate women’s lower average pay / Dems love union contracts with seniority clauses favoring men

    Dems make a spectacle of child abuse by clergy / Dems cover up Hollywood’s abuse of children

    Dems hate gun violence in their voting districts / Dems catch-and-release illegal alien gang members in sanctuary cities

    Dems think 2nd Amendment allows only militias in America / Dems forget militias are the norm in Middle East countries

    Dems hate stereotypes, “labels” / Dems love pegging folks to identity groups, “baskets”

    Dems defend individual rights in theory / Dems bully those who don’t conform to group think

    Dems love European safety nets, arts support / Dems hate white culture

    Dems love pro-choice abortions / Dems hate school choice for offspring

    Dems are OK with public free expression, burning the flag, anthem sitouts / Dems oppose private sector religious freedom and tax-free status

    Dems champion LGBT rights / Dems invite more Islamist immigrants

    Dems cherish diplomacy with Cuba, the PLO, Iran, N. Korea / Dems hate diplomacy with Russia, Israel, Egypt

    Dems aligned with Stalin to beat Hitler after only 3.5 years / Dems won’t align with Putin 15 years after 9/11

    Dems say we “cannot win” the 15-yr war on terrorism by limiting Muslim immigrants / Dems quickly won WW II while limiting Japanese immigrants

    Dems hate wars in Iraq and Afghanistan / Dems like wars in Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iraq again

    Dems hate global trade and borders / Dems love cheap stuff and no borders

    Dems hate big corporations / Dems love retirement funds, union pensions run by Wall Street

    Dems believe in “global warming” / Dems overlook windmills and solar farms killing birds

    Dems warn about overpopulation and backwardness / Dems support 3rd world development, sweat shops and pollution

    Dems praise communist victims of McCarthyism / Dems persecute real scientist-skeptics of “climate change” and Hillary health doubters

    Dems hate corporate ad-based media / Dems spend more on political ads to buy news bias

    Dems love academic freedom, tenure / Dems hate politically incorrect student free speech and facts

    Dems love labor union benefits and legacy / Dems federalized union benefits for all, even non-unionized, made unions obsolete

    Dems believe the minimum wage helps living standards / Dems ignore side effects re: unemployment, human trafficking, gangs, drug trade, prison labor, high school dropouts, labor unions’ decline…and no wage laws in Switzerland and Scandinavia …

    Dems hate 1950s style sole breadwinner, stable nuclear families / Dems now want any number “living wage” roommates per household

    Dems hate poverty and prison growth / Dems help the poor have more kids and future voters, prisoners

    Dems want universal “single payer” healthcare / Dems won’t talk about the VA medical system, Amtrak or US Postal monopolies

    Dems’ water activists warn about water pollution and sea levels / Dems’ rich donors still buy landscaped waterfront mansions with septic tanks

    Dems put everything into feelings, speeches, activism and laws / Dems don’t follow up later with data undermining their activist pattern (self-conflict)

    Dems obsess over an Election Day once every two years / Dems forget there’s 728 other days they should worry about, too.

    Please Share

    • Andy DC says:

      Very good summary.

      What climate scientists have learned over the years can be summed up by these two simple equations:

      No Problem=No money
      A Perception of a Big Crisis=Big Money, Big Junkets, Big Prestige

    • Gail Combs says:

      * Dems have no problem with cognitive dissonance since they are complete strangers to logic.

  2. RickS says:

    “they claim that ice loss and sea level rise” ?

    Here is what I tell everyone, We are “all” Global, Global “means” the ENTIRE WORLD, so if someone says “Global”, it/that means EVERY WHERE (Planet Earth of course?) !


    If You live next to a Coast Line (Where I happen to live, “and” there-has-been-NO-rise in Sea/Ocean levels what’s so ever (From Santa Barbara to San Diego, over 100 miles of Coast Line)) and someone says, “Sea levels are rising”, I say to them, “Well, are Your beaches eroding, has the Sea risen up on your Beaches, are Your Beachfront Homes in jeopardy?”, and every answer is “NO” !

    Then I say things like, “Why” has/did pathological “liar” Al Gore, You know the great “pusher” (Just like a Drug Dealer!) of Global Warming recently purchase a “Beachfront Mansion ($34,000,000 I believe, I could be wrong) in Santa Barbara, California “when” Sea Levels are [ Rising ], Why would He do that “when” the Insurance Company will only “insure” the home (Mansion) for the price paid for, not for any “appreciation” after, with probably at least a $1,000,000 dollar “Deductible” ?”

    “Who” would do that ???

    And it/that completely silences them !

    There’s absolutely “NO” reasonable argument to that, at least not with a sane mind !!!


    Now “fluctuations” do happen, about a tremendous “1” inch or so, up-and-down, BUT-THAT’S-IT !

    The arguments for Global Warming are much more “plausible” then Sea Levels rising, but still “idiotic” !!!

    So take Your [ Sea level rising ] and “stuff” it right (left) up Your [ Global Warming ] @$$…

    End of today’s Lessen

  3. Robertv says:

    “But temperatures have been falling for the last 8,000 years. All that sea level rise tells us is that we are not currently in an ice age.”

    Of course you mean we are in an interglacial period—the Holocene—of the ice age that began 2.6 million years ago at the start of the Pleistocene epoch.

    That is what most people don’t understand. Planet Earth’s temperature has been MUCH higher on average during the last 600 million years.

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