Democrats Announce Their New Policy Of Discriminating Against Rape Victims


Trump wanted to put Bill Clinton’s accusers in his family box. Debate officials said no. – The Washington Post

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8 Responses to Democrats Announce Their New Policy Of Discriminating Against Rape Victims

  1. Neal S says:

    Gee … too bad the women were not wearing a hijab so as to be not recognizable at first. They could have strategically unveiled themselves at just the right time. Oh well.

    Reminds me of a courtroom scene in a movie …

    “Your honor I object!”
    “And why is that Mr. Reed? ”
    “Because it’s devastating to my case! ”

  2. Dan Kurt says:

    Note: It was a Cuckservative republican that prevented the seating of the women:

    “Frank J. Fahrenkopf, the debate commission’s co-chairman and a former Republican National Committee chairman, caught wind of the plot on Sunday and immediately moved to put an end to it. Fahrenkopf tartly warned a Trump staffer that if the campaign tried to put the four women in the family box, security personnel would remove them, according to people with direct knowledge of the conversations.

    “Fahrenkopf said, ‘no’ — verbally said ‘no,’ that ‘security would throw them out,’” Giuliani said.”

    Dan Kurt

  3. Ross says:

    This is worth a read (NB. written by a woman)

  4. Andy DC says:

    Donald Trump said a few raunchy words in private to another guy. But how does a few joking words even begin the compare with the actual multiple dastardly deeds of the Clintons when it came to specific women that had been harassed, raped and otherwise abused? As far as I know, Trump has never been accused of any similar evil acts.

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