Honest Hillary

At the debate last night, Hillary Clinton blamed her two-faced lying on Honest Abe Lincoln.

On September 14, 2012 she blamed the attack at Benghazi on a YouTube protest which insulted the great religion of Islam.


Even though the security guard said there was no protest, and was a planned attack by Islamic terrorists.


14 Sep 2012, Page 7 – The Anniston Star at Newspapers.com

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4 Responses to Honest Hillary

  1. Bleakhouses says:

    Somewhere Billy Bush and Mark Basseley Youssef are sharing a drink.

  2. GW Smith says:

    Great evidence, Tony. But the left never lets evidence get in the way of it’s agenda, as Killary evinced so well last night.

  3. Leon Brozyna says:

    “Honest Hillary” … is this not an example of a contradiction in terms?

  4. Andy DC says:

    I would rather have a a President that tweets at 3 AM than one that slept through Benghazi at 3 AM.

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