Huge Increase In October Snow Cover

October snow cover has been increasing in the Northern Hemisphere for 30 years, and has been above “normal” for the past 20 years.


Rutgers University Climate Lab :: Global Snow Lab

This year is no exception.


Rutgers University Climate Lab :: Global Snow Lab

The ski season has already begun here in Colorado, but facts never get in the way of climate fraud at the Washington Post.


Why you should be worried about declining snow cover across North America – The Washington Post

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25 Responses to Huge Increase In October Snow Cover

  1. AZ1971 says:

    Even with the increase in NH snow extent over the past 20 years, the media will push the narrative at the end of winter: that spring snow extent in the NH has rapidly declined.

    Shifting from spring to fall or fall to spring, or anywhere inbetween is simply part of normal cyclical variance.

  2. RAH says:

    Ah heck! When ever someplace east of the Mississippi gets a good blizzard they blame it on Climate Change anyway. I suspect those in the NE US will be hearing the same thing more than once this winter.

  3. John F Hultquist says:

    The WaPo article linked to was written by Chris Mooney.
    China invented global warming so Chris could have something to write about. They were worried he might start writing (falsely) about China.

  4. Winnipeg Boy says:

    My model says if we ban handguns in Chicago we will have zero gun deaths.
    Year to Date
    Shot & Killed: 558
    Shot & Wounded: 3031
    Total Shot: 3589
    Total Homicides: 627

    In two years they will adjust ‘deaths’ by voting records and say “look, they are still voting, therefore they should not count as a death”
    Bingo: Zero gun deaths in 2016.

  5. Jack Striker says:

    Is the departure measured from this date last year, this date as an average of 5/10, etc. years previous, or how?

    • Steve Fraser says:

      Here,is the
      Climatology percentages for each cell are generated for each day using weekly satellite data from September 1970 – August 2000. Each day falls within the dates of a GSL weekly snow chart and is represented by this value. The percentage of days indicated as snow covered for a given cell represents the number of years the cell was snow covered on the week representing that day. For departure maps, cells that are 50 percent or more snow covered in the climatology are considered snow covered in the calculation of daily departures.

  6. Timo Soren says:

    The article WAS in June 2015. So I would not use this as and example of them frauding us, as at that time they referenced a Rutgers site which did show it low for that year that month. Of course they have zero credibility to report what that could mean, with variance and time series etc… but calling it fraud, I have trouble with this one.

  7. Chris says:

    Natural Climate driver is why. The AMO and PDO driven by solar cycles..

  8. Steve Fraser says:

    I think I will write an article, entitled…

    ‘Why the Washington Post should worry about declining credibility across the World’

    • Frank K. says:

      There are many ways to make your voice heard to the so-called “journalists” at the WaPo. The easiest is to simply cancel your subscriptions to their “news products” if you have any. Also remove and block any links to their website on your phone, pad device or computer. And since the WaPo is owned by Jeff Bezos, you may wish to rethink your use of for future purchases (I will definitely NOT be using their services if I can help it).

      • RAH says:

        I ain’t giving up my Kindle! That thing is essential for a trucker like me that likes to take a mini library full of books and references with him on the road. I know there are other options for ebooks but none have beat the Kindle in my book. It’s tough, relatively easy on the eyes (except with some maps and charts) relatively cheap, easy to use, and saves the charge on my smart phone and pad. I read myself to sleep in the sleeper and read it with it propped on the steering wheel while I wait for a dock or am waiting to be loaded or unloaded.

          • RAH says:

            BTW concerning head phones for hands free use on the road. I prefer the type with head phone and boom mic. Much more comfortable, better fidelity, better in the relatively noisy environment one finds in a big truck going down the road, and superior battery capacity to any ear piece that I know of.

            I have had one of these

            for nearly 4 years now and love it. Leave it charging in the truck when it’s parked and plug it in when I go to bed in the sleeper. Never have run the battery out no matter how much I have used it during some very long work periods.

            I like it so much that a year ago I used the points I get for fueling at Pilot truck stops to get a new one that is still sitting in my truck in the package so I have a back up whenever the original finally gives out.

          • Neal S says:

            Pretty smart to get spares of something you like that works well. I would however suggest that you at least try out the spare once before its warranty runs out, because while it may be rare, there are instances of things not working even though fresh from the box. Also, although I don’t know what type of rechargeable battery that is, if it is lithium, even though the device is off, there is a very slight discharge through the electronics and it is good to not ever let the lithium battery get too low on its voltage.

          • RAH says:

            Neal S.
            Good idea! I’ll check that new one out. Besides I’m a firm believer in giving any such battery powered device a sustained charge of at least 48 hours before I try to use it the first time.

            That headset is not just a necessity for work, I judge it be vital for my own general welfare. Besides staying in touch with family and friends even when driving it also helps me stay alert and awake. I get called at all hours in my job. I have no schedule. Under such conditions where ones circadian rhythm is constantly in flux one is bound to get fatigued. The hours of 01:00 to 05:00 are the most dangerous for me. I have a buddy that drives a dedicated run back and forth from Anderson, IN to North Kansas City, MO nearly every weekday night. We help each other by BSing about anything you can possibly think of while going down the road during those wee hours.

          • Gail Combs says:

            Great idea RAH,
            Sounds like a Christmas present for Hubby.

  9. Frank K. says:

    BTW – it’s snowing here in New Hampshire (a wet snow, but snow nontheless).

    • RAH says:

      According to Joe Batardi the heart of NY is also getting or will be getting snow with the Catskills getting the deepest. You guys are in for a long cold winter starting the middle of next month if the guys at Weatherbell are correct.

      • Frank K. says:

        That’s actually good news for our skiers! :-)

        • RAH says:

          He actually mentioned that the resorts in the NE should have a very good year. It’s very cold in Eurasia right now and basically your in for that. Below is a link to the site. Click premium on the tab above and up will pop the his most recent daily update and Saturday summary videos which are free content. I watch each new video even when I’m on the road. He doesn’t only tell you what their forecasting but tells you why they believe it is going to happen so over time one learns something about weather forecasting.

      • AndyG55 says:

        “You guys are in for a long cold winter starting the middle of next month if the guys at Weatherbell are correct.”

        But it will still be the Hottest evar !!! !

  10. RAH says:

    I’m thinking that come late November this trucker is going to be dealing with some significant Lake Effect snows along I-90 from Erie, PA to Rochester, NY. They can also be pretty bad along the west coast of MI in the Benton Harbor area. And absolutely brutal along Canadian Hwy 21 where it follows along the east shore of lake Huron. I have had to go that way on occasion to get to a consignee we have delivered to in Owen Sound for years. When 21 is closed in that area due to lake effect the detour route is typically 140 extra mi. of snowy but passable roads.

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