Most Powerful Storm ….. Ever

Major hurricane with 65 MPH winds at the surface! A Category 4 propaganda event.


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27 Responses to Most Powerful Storm ….. Ever

  1. Steve Case says:

    …the most powerful storm to threaten the U.S. Atlantic coast in more than a decade…

    And our friends on the left are praying to Gaia that it will make landfall .

  2. Jimmy Haigh says:

    When “Superstorm” Sandy swung the last election in 2012 Obama’s way Scotland was hit by a stronger storm which was christened, in the inimitable Scottish vernacular, as: “Hurricane Bawbag”.

  3. Andy says:

    It will be interesting if the eyewall actually ever hits land .. will be amusing if it does not

    Looks like the below has come adrift


  4. Zedekiah Smyth says:

    No Hurricane can match the devastation the Clintons wrought on Haiti- going down with charitable donations solicited from well-meaning donors used to buy up prime beachfront property for pennies on the dollar from the victims of the earthquake. Now I hear that odious lecher married to the Democrat candidate is going to do it again to hurricane victims. Utterly unrepentant and shameless!

  5. Latitude says:

    I can’t find any surface winds that match what they are saying…..

  6. James J Strom says:

    NHC’s headline for Matthew read, “…EYEWALL OF DANGEROUS HURRICANE MATTHEW HUGGING THE COAST OF CENTRAL FLORIDA…” — as of 0800 today. I believe that about five minutes earlier it said “BRUSHING”. Matthew is in an eyewall replacement cycle, so I assume NHC is using the bigger eyewall to establish landfall. Not to complain, but if the eye hit Florida it was minimal. Also, ground station reports of wind speed have been quite a bit lower than speeds calculated from aerial observations, as many have been saying.

    The next thing to look at will be the actual cost of damages from the storm.

  7. Douglas Hoyt says:

    The center of the storm passed right over Freeport in the Bahamas. The maximum sustained winds there were 100 mph, so maybe Matthew is really a Category 2 hurricane.

  8. Andy DC says:

    The dangerous left side of Matthew will apparently never come ashore. Another over hyped media circus.

  9. gator69 says:

    It’s the fault of all those tree-eating Haitain kids…

  10. pinroot says:

    This lets you look at some of the missions that are flying into Matthew. You select the mission on the left side of the screen, it gets charted along with dropsondes, which you can click on to see the data they’re transmitting. I haven’t found any wind speeds like the ones they’re reporting…

    • Gonzo says:

      Good link. That data matches well with earthnullschool. Looks like highest sustained winds aloft are 110mph +/-. Surface winds are NOT that high according to NBSC weather stations. St Augustine FL currently 55-65mph winds
      Hardly hurricane force.

    • Billy Liar says:

      The highest SFMR wind I could find in the data from Mission 34, 85kts at 30.067N 80.733W, makes Matthew a Cat 2 already.

      That’s a great website – always best to see the original data.

  11. zipadee says:

    It’s been so long since the folks at the weather channel have been able to report on a hurricane, they are almost orgasmic. The gal reporting from Daytona Beach is “relentlessly” funny with her use of adjectives regarding the conditions there.

  12. John Silver says:

    Hundreds and hundreds of pesetas.

  13. Windsong says:

    Last night, Western Washington received its first real thump of the fall. Lots of wind and rain, particularly on the coast. And, snow; tons of snow in the North Cascades. See
    Destruction Island (DESW1) on the Washington coast reports hourly. Granted, nobody lives out there. At 2200 PDT, 6 Oct, it reported wind of 57G64 mph. At the same time, 0100 EDT, Vero Beach (KVRB) was reporting 43G58. At 0353 they had their max wind of 49G74. St. Lucie (KFPR) at 0100 EDT reported 36G43, and at 0301 EDT winds of 39G63. So far this morning, I see a report at 1117 EDT from St. Augustine (KSGJ) of 46G60 mph.

    Washington coast windier than much of the Florida coast last night? Who knew?

    • Windsong says:

      Prof. Cliff Mass has a blog post up this morning on hurricane models, and mentions the 6-7 Oct. wind on the Washington coast. I read Tony’s blog first, then Cliff’s, so did not know Dr. Mass was wondering like I was: where was the Weather Channel?

  14. Psalmon says:

    Here’s the winds track of the station at Cape Canaveral where we are told max wind gusts were 100mph (gasp).

    This is the station 5 mi south of KSS. Max gust was 63 knots. This station was about 10 miles West of Matthew’s West eyewall.

  15. Rosco says:

    All those people who evacuated spending hard earned reserves of cash for nothing aren’t going to be happy.

    What will happen sometime is they’ll announce a severe hurricane with severe destruction forecasts which won’t eventuate and no one will believe them over the next one.

    This happened in Darwin 1974 when the first cyclone was a fizzer and no one believed them about Tracy due to arrive at Christmas. No-one bothered about Tracy until it tore Darwin apart.

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