Graphic Content : The Dangers Of CO2

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9 Responses to Graphic Content : The Dangers Of CO2

  1. John F Hultquist says:

    Looks like the drawings are for tiny tots.
    This makes me wonder at what age I learned about chemical formulas.
    I don’t know, and not having children, I do not know when these things are explained in schools.

  2. Greg Raven says:

    I can’t believe there is still no Federal regulation of this dangerous compound.

  3. RickS says:

    [Here] is a “Miracle” !

    Am I “awake”, is this just a “dream” ???

    Today from the NSIDC, a partial cut of [[[((( TRUTH )))]]] !!!!!!!!!

    [As of October 1, Arctic sea ice extent stood at 5.19 million square kilometers (2.00 million square miles), which is an increase of 1.05 million square kilometers (405,000 square kilometers) from the seasonal minimum of 4.14 million square kilometers (1.60 million square miles) recorded on September 10. Compared to some other years, [[-the growth rate since the seasonal minimum has been quite rapid-]] The ice growth has been predominantly in the central Arctic Ocean and the East Siberian Sea sector]

    I’m still not convinced that I am “awake” ???

    Is this “October” fools day ?

    Is this the End-of-the-World day ??

    Is this really my Phone ???

    Am I really Me ????

    Just in case, I going to prepare for the BIG ONE (Shift), the San Andreas is about to do its “thing”, I knew that was it !!!

    Gotta go…

    P.S. Don’t eat yellow snow…

    • bnorml says:

      And that’s the deadly yellow snow, where the huskies go.
      And if you are involved in some kind of conflict with an Eskimo named Nanook, where as he scoops up a mitten full of the deadly yellow snow and rubs in your eyes, with a circular motion, that renders you blind, be thankful that will there will still be a tundra for you to trudge across to get something done about your afflicted eyesight and we give thanks to the great philosopher, Frank Zappa.

  4. Rosco says:

    If you truly must worry about atmospheric gases and the damage they can cause why would you worry about 0.04% inert CO2 when you can worry about the 20+% extremely reactive O2 ?

    Oxygen is at the heart of almost all natural chemical degradation destroying metals and turning sparks into raging infernos.

    If you truly must worry about atmospheric gases then be concerned about oxygen.

    • Gail Combs says:

      No, No it is the nasty and dangerous chemical, Dihydrogen Monoxide! I am a chemist and I am telling you this is a VERY VERY dangerous chemical especially in its gaseous state.

      Facts About Dihydrogen Monoxide

      ….Each year, Dihydrogen Monoxide is a known causative component in many thousands of deaths and is a major contributor to millions upon millions of dollars in damage to property and the environment. Some of the known perils of Dihydrogen Monoxide…..

      • Analitik says:

        Thankyou for that link. The site is very technical and a lot of it may go over people’s heads but there is enough that is readily understandable for the alarm to be raised.

        That site deserves federal funding for helping highlight the many, many dangers of Dihydrogen Monoxide.

        • Gail Combs says:

          Yes, It is one of my favorite sites so I feature it as frequently as I can.

          After all as a chemist I feel it is my duty to warn people about the fact Life is Lethal.

  5. John Silver says:

    I’m scared now, let’s watch a Youtube instead:

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