Another Great Book – By Tim Ball

Human Caused Global Warming: Tim Ball Phd

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  1. Eric Simpson says:

    It’s a massive deception. But one thing the leftists can’t fake is the continental records for high and low temperatures. The all-time high temperature record for the world was set in 1913, while the all-time cold temperature record was set in 1983. By continent, all but one set their all-time cold temperature record more recently than their all-time high temperature records. This is directly contradictory to what would be expected if global warming were real. Data here: :

    Another thing that is pretty much beyond the grasp of the crying wolf chicken littles is the satellite data. This graphic makes it clear that observations (reality) completely falsify the leftist climate change theory:

  2. David A says:

    Get it for a friend.

  3. CheshireRed says:

    Generous of Tony to plug Dr Ball’s book. He needs all the support he can get too while he’s fighting a potentially ruinous legal case against you-know-who.

  4. Robertv says:

    Tim Ball one of my great heroes.

    But the biggest deception in history was the enactment of the Federal Reserve Act.

    $100 in 1913 → $2,411.90 in 2016

    ‘The U.S. Congress established three key objectives for monetary policy in the Federal Reserve Act: maximizing employment, STABILIZING prices, and moderating long-term interest rates’

    Without the Federal Reserve scam the Climate scam would not have been possible.

    The real Hockey Stick

    • gator69 says:

      The Federal Reserve Act only directly effects the US. CAGW is global in scale and effect, and therefore a much larger scam. Not to mention that the FRA has some redeeming qualities, and CAGW has none.

      CAGW would certainly have been possible without the FRA. The UN is the framework behind CAGW, and most other atrocities.

      • SxyxS says:

        That’s just partly right.

        1)if you controle the money of the world most powerfull nations it also effects the world.

        2)Especially when the dollar is not just the world reserve currency but has its petro dollar status.

        It is for sure no coincidence that the banking families
        who are said to controle the FED are the same who are behind CAGW and the UN and also one of them was for decades the “CEO” of the Bilderbergers and driving force behind the CFR and the Club of Rome(whose Agenda is 1:1
        the one of the green parties)

        • gator69 says:

          I am well aware of the indirect effects of the FRA. CAGW is starving 21,000 people to death every single day, globally, and it has zero benefits to humanity.

          There is no larger scam in the history of this planet than CAGW.

          • SxyxS says:

            Well-it seems that our lefti good doers are more worried about saving our climate(which does not need to be saved)
            than the lives of 7 million people that are dying from hunger year after year after year.

            It obviously does not matter for these karmawhores what really is going,
            but as how much it is “promoted” by the media and by “how can i make me feel and look good”.

          • gator69 says:


            Even most “believers” understand, once someone explains the situation. I have yet to have even one sane person deny the truth that Lomborg explains in this short video…


            How could you not do the right thing, once you know the truth?

      • Robertv says:

        Without the unlimited funding the Global Warming Scam could not have been financed.
        One World Order is the goal and the global warming scam is just one of the many tools to achieve that goal.
        The FRA is a cancer. You can’t have a sound economy when a federal reserve is in control. It is kicking the can down the road until there is no road left .

        • Gail Combs says:

          Unfortunately Hyper-inflation is the terminal stage of fiat currency as bureaucracies grow and grow and politicians become more corrupt. The USA has avoided it by switching between fiat currency and gold…. So far.

  5. Stewart Pid says:

    Dr Ball has a big set of balls to put a comic Mikey heating the globe on the cover of his book while in the midst of a lawsuit … or is the suit history?
    Well played Dr Ball.

  6. John F. Hultquist says:

    When this cover was released last summer (or fall) I responded that it was poorly done. The book may be “great” but the cover — No.
    Leading with a falsehood is a mistake. Big letters at the top are an untruth, but a quick glance will leave the impression the globe is warming.
    Next in smaller letters is a statement many might argue with. “biggest?
    Why raise an issue you do not need to?
    Then the cartoon-like image. Those reading here and other such sites will recognize Mann. Those not familiar with him might think it is Tim Ball.
    My first thought was of Scrooge holding a candle. Under what? That blue & green thing is unrecognizable as Earth.

    Tim has good ideas and lots to offer. He should consult with Scott Adams on presentation and persuasion.

    • Stewart Pid says:

      John did u think that the blue green thing was a giant tit?
      I think most of us here made the deductive leap from a book on GLO-BULL warming to Mikey heating the globe.

      • John F. Hultquist says:

        Note the title of the book is “Human Caused Global Warming” and who is Mikey?

        I think most of us here …
        And the intended reader is …? “those of us here”

        • Stewart Pid says:

          Back at ya …. note the title of the book is Human Caused GLO-BULL Warming – The Biggest Deception in History!!
          The intended readers are folks that know the big round blue green thing is not a giant tit ;-)
          I get your point but I believe you are polishing a turd.

          • Colorado Wellington says:

            So this is not a giant blue tit? Now it all makes sense! I saw the greenish spots but I didn’t even want to think what it could be.

          • Jason Calley says:

            I am not saying that I would like a copy of the book about the big blue green tit, no, of course not! But if, uh, some friend of mine, happened to want a copy of that particular book for some, uh, academic research (yeah! that’s it! research!) where could that friend get one?

            Just asking….


          • gator69 says:

            Here you go Jason…

      • -B- says:

        It’s not immediately recognizable as such, it takes a moment and that makes it take too much time. It needs to register much faster than that to sell books to the minority of the public that reads.

        Once I spent a moment looking at it I realized that it was earth being heated with candle held by presumably the cartoon likeness of one of the “leading climate scientists”. But it took my prior understanding of the issue and a couple seconds looking at the cover to get it. That’s not going to do well to sell books beyond the people who already know.

  7. RickS says:



    Nothing but “clear” skies with no help in sight…

  8. RickS says:

    This “message” has been “approved” by California Governor [ Moon-Beam ] !!!

  9. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Thank you, Dr. Tim Ball, for calling a spade a shovel!

  10. RickS says:

    May sound odd ?


    “Record low daily Arctic ice extents continued through most of January 2017, a pattern that started last October. Extent during late January remained low in the Kara, Barents and Bering Seas. Southern Hemisphere extent also tracked at record low levels for January; globally, sea ice cover remains at record low levels” ???


    Butt Part ll !

    It “seems” as “if” that the.”Arctic” [ Seems ]
    as “if” possibly normal ! ? !

    But that’s just Me….

    Catch the last train too…

    • AndyG55 says:

      The FACT that it is so close to the median of the drop from the largest extent since the LIA shows that the recovery from the extremes of the LIA is probably over.

      Once the AMO starts heading downwards, that sea ice level is, UNFORTUNATELY, going to start heading back to the extremes that have blocked all shipping rotes for all of the year.

      A pity the recovery to the lower norms of the pre-LIA Arctic could not continue further…

      … the BENEFITS to Russian and other trade would have been enormous.

  11. eliza says:

    I read this as a major backdown on AGW by Mann just off the press

    Michael Mann, Distinguished Professor and Director of the Earth System Science Center at Penn State University, who is not a co-author of the paper, commented: “We cannot separate the issues of population growth, resource consumption, the burning of fossil fuels, and climate risk. They are part of a coupled dynamical system, and, as the authors show, this has dire potential consequences for societal collapse. The implications couldn’t be more profound.”

  12. eliza says:

    By next year “burning of fossil fuels” will be removed

  13. Andy says:

    I think some Bible stories might rank above it.

    Noah’s are for instance. All that climate change in such a short time scale just for a family from the middle east. Good job the first dry land they found was not in Florida, ICE would have sent them packing. Two by two..



  14. Jeo says:

    There should be an n-dash in the title: “Human-Caused Global Warming.” The grammar error is painful to my eyes.

  15. Allen Eltor says:

    You guys are a national treasure, bro.

    For real.

  16. Sheri says:

    Tony Heller,

    I am writing to you out of concern about potential malfeasance or climate data manipulation in the DC area. On 3-1-2017 at 3PM EST I noticed that Angela Fritz had posted an article on the Washington Post about DC reaching a record high temperature of 80F for the day at 130PM 3-1-2017. I checked the weather observation history at KDCA and naturally the only available data was hourly with no 130pm data available. The KDCA observation at 1pm was 77F followed by 70F at 2pm due to a cold front and associated storm passing through the region. While it is entirely possible we hit 80F that day there was no official record of it on the NWS sterling twitter page or on the official observations. The only place it was available was on the Capital Weather Gangs website. That is up until 426pm when the NWS sterling office submitted a record event report stating we did indeed reach 80F that day. I don’t understand how Angela Fritz had this information a full 1 hour and 26 minutes prior to anything officially being released to the public so naturally I commented on her blog asking her how she got the data first. I started some simple background research and saw that she had tweeted the night before on 2-28-17 that we would be seeing 80F for a high temp the following day. I also got to see her obvious bias towards human caused climate change. She never responded to my comment on the blog so I tried emailing her next. This is when things have taken a turn for the bizarre. Angela never responded to my email either but she did respond by deleting her tweet about it being 80F the next day and for whatever reason the original story on Capital Weather Gang had the time stamp removed. The original time stamp was 3PM EST 3-1-2017 but through google cache I was able to turn up a copy of the washington post story with a 256pm timestamp and an even more bizarre 7am timestamp. There is no way they knew the high temp would be 80F at 7am. As I said there is no public source of knowledge for Angela to have known this 80F at the time of her CWG post unless someone with the NWS covered her tracks for her by releasing the record event report at 426pmEST on 3-1-2017 (1 hour 26 minutes after her CWG post). I have included URLs and screenshots for reference. Feel free to blog about this topic.

  17. Question our Questions says:

    Who funded Mr. Ball research?

  18. Sheri says:

    Tony, Angela Fritz has been more willing to respond to my posts since you went to bat for me and for that I thank you. I informed her of the various oddities surrounding the 80F temperature reading at KDCA that day. For example, the report was done at 130 as opposed to the usual on the hour observation time. That means this was a special observation but was done when no other criteria for a special observation had been met (no significant wind shift/cloud decks didn’t lower significantly/no tornado was reported etc). Since the observation was done by an automated system ASOS somebody augmented the observation when they didn’t have to. It is against human nature to do work when you don’t have to so I asked her who augments the observations and why they choose to do more work sometimes versus other times not reporting the proper snow amounts etc. You can look back to the winter of 2015-2016 fiasco and KDCA’s bad snow observation techniques. Also prior to the observation record being augmented on 3-1-17 the high temperature according to the automated machine was 81F so the climate data is still incorrect! I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know I contacted her back in case she takes another 5 days to respond to me. I have included some screen shots again just in case.

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