Highlighting The Dangerous Risk Of Fake News

Fraudster Al Gore is back pretending he is a scientist, and the fake news media is happy to help out with his fraud.

The largely illiterate Al Gore says : “Globally, flooding on a global basis has first place” – yet the “globally global” flood record shows that all of the world’s worst floods occurred  below 320 PPM CO2.

The Top 5 Deadliest Floods in History

Gore says plants “especially crops” are suffering from CO2.

Crop productivity is steadily increasing and at record highs. CO2 makes plants grow faster. Gore lies and the press soaks it right up.

CRU: Feeding Seven Billion: the fertilizer challenge

An NRDC fraudster says heatwaves are getting worse in the US.

Scientists highlight deadly health risks of climate change

This claim is total fraud. The frequency of hot days in the US has plummeted over the past 80 years.

The frequency of cold days has also declined.

Last year was one of the mildest years on record in the US, with very little extremely hot or cold weather. 2016 also saw also near record low hurricane and tornado activity in the US.

There is zero indiction that increased CO2 is hurting human health or making the weather more extreme. Life expectancy is at record highs. Fake scientists, fake politicians and fake news media have been terrorizing our country for far too long.

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