Little Apartment On The Prairie

This coyote looks like he/she was in a fight. A big chunk of fur missing.

Prairie dogs always have at least one sentinel on watch for coyotes, foxes and birds of prey.

I see these things every day riding my bicycle.

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  1. RAH says:

    Still that coyote looks healthy. We have them around here, actually lots of them, but they’re generally scrawnier than that one is. We have enough of them that there is no license needed to hunt them year around though there is no longer a bounty on them as there was years ago.

  2. R. Shearer says:

    One tough prairie dog!

  3. gator69 says:

    My coyotes sing me to sleep many nights, and they are great for getting rid of moles. Unlike many of the cattlemen around here, I am glad to have them around, as they pose no threat to me and they belong here. The panthers on the other hand, are a real concern. The year before last one jumped a guy who lives northeast of me, and we have seen them on my road more than once.

    Still, much safer than any city I have ever lived in.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      We have some pretty big coyotes around here. Yesterday I saw what I think was a big female coming up to the house, steering sideways of our dog and pretending submission. Given her size and wild nature she could have taken chunks out of the good-natured big oaf so I assume she was trying to lure him away from the house (there is a pack of at least three that I’ve seen further down the hills). He would not stand a chance but I was able to get him under voice control and lead him back to the house. The coyotes either went hungry yesterday or had to catch something else.

    • annieoakley says:

      Do you hear those panthers scream? I heard one once from right under my bedroom window and it is really something. Sounds just like a woman is being strangled.

  4. wizzum says:

    It’s amazing where you see them. I have seen them right near to the beltway in Houston

    • Gail Combs says:

      A friend of mine had his horse gutted by coyotes. He found her still alive with a hole chewed in her side and her intestines pulled out.

      A neighbor up the street had his entire goat herd slaughtered one night and another neighbor had all his calves picked off one by one.

      One of the hunters from the club we lease to went after the pack. They chased him up a tree and took a good chunk out of his leg. He shot the leader first and then as many as he could driving the rest of the pack away.

      A friend of my brother-in-law had a coyote grab his daughter and drag her off while both were in the back yard near Boston MA.
      “April 2005 WILMINGTON – There are some things in life that not even 17 years as a prison guard and police officer can prepare you for. Wilmington Police Officer and former Concord prison guard Louis Martignetti found that out the hard way Saturday when a coyote attacked his daughter and then him while his family did yard-work at their home off Burlington Avenue. Martignetti, his wife, 7-year-old son, Gino, and 4-year-old daughter, Tia, were outside when the animal ran up and bit his daughter in the leg about 10 a.m. Martignetti, who was in his shed at the time, heard his wife’s screams, but at first did not know what was going on.
      “She started screaming something like, ‘Pick up the baby, pick up the baby,’ but it happened so quick I didn’t understand what she wanted me to do,” he said.
      That’s when he turned and saw a coyote lunge at his daughter, who only weighs about 28 pounds, and bite her in the leg.

      They are capable of killing full sized adults too.

      10/28/9 Cape Breton park. Toronto singer killed by coyotes.
      Taylor Mitchell, a 19-year-old Toronto singer whose debut album was released in March, has died in a Nova Scotia hospital after being mauled by coyotes in a Cape Breton park.
      Mitchell was hiking Tuesday on the Skyline Trail in Cape Breton Highlands National Park when she was attacked by two coyotes. Another hiker, who was walking nearby, heard her cries for help and called 911

      More Reported Coyote Attacks on Children listed HERE

      Needless to say around here the only shots we take of coyotes is with a gun.

  5. john says:

    I saw a hawk come swooping down after two squirrels. It came right out of the afternoon sun where it would be almost invisible. But the squirrels dodged and dove out of the way at the last second.

  6. Atouk says:

    You jackass!!! What the hell are you riding a bike for? You’re going to get us all killed!!! And what of all those precious little critters???

    Don’t you know that when you exercise like that you breath heavier and therefore spew out more planet killing CO2???!!!

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