Massive Growth In Thick Arctic Sea Ice

Over the past nine years, there has been a huge increase in the area of thick Arctic sea ice. The Chukchi and East Siberian Seas had no thick ice in 2008, but lots of it now.

DMI Modelled ice thickness

Government experts of course claim the exact opposite, because they are paid to lie – or at least they were until January 20th. The 1988-2007 decline in Arctic sea ice ended when Barack Obama healed the planet in 2008.

The Arctic’s oldest ice is vanishing | NOAA

Government experts also say Greenland is melting down 600% faster than predicted, at -46C.


Greenland is actually blowing away all records for ice gain.

Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI

The good news is that we have a new president and EPA head who are determined to flush out climate fraudsters from the government.

Under the Trump administration, government employees stand to make huge amounts of money by whistleblowing fraud. Contact Kent Clizbe for details.

Kent Clizbe
Fraud Detection Services
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43 Responses to Massive Growth In Thick Arctic Sea Ice

  1. Sunsettommy says:

    Obvious increase in Snow and Ice.

    Now watch the usual warmist baloney come along………

    At nearly 14 Wadhams with increasing think ice in the west,that should indicate that there will be significant Summer ice by September.

  2. RAH says:

    Well I’ve just been called to run to Canada and I’m liking the forecast. Depart Sunday morning with a load bound for Owen Sound, ON. The normal route up goes up Hwy 21 that runs right along the east coast of Lake Huron and last winter that road was closed a good bit of the time due to snow and wind. If this is global warming, I’ll take it since the forecast up there is for temps to stay well above freezing. Called in and requested a border crossing at the Bluewater bridge that crosses between Port Huron, MI and Sarnia, ON. That border crossing is less congested and busy than the Ambassador Bridge between Detroit and Windsor and in fact going over there makes the route shorter with a lot less traffic to deal with even though it will be a Sunday.

    This will be my first trip to Canada this year and in fact since last Spring. That hiatus hasn’t bothered me one bit. But this a load coming out of Mexico that is hot. Being brought up to the Anderson, IN terminal by a team from Laredo and I take it on up from there.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      Take care, RAH, and watch out for caravans of refugees and American elites streaming to Canada. :)

      At least the last time I was there Bluewater Bridge didn’t look like the highway to Port de Calais

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        I forgot to warn more genteel audiences that some salty Hungarian and English is an unavoidable part of the above link from Calais …

      • RAH says:

        I should be fine. Thanks, CW.

        The drive along Hwy 21 is actually nice as long as the weather cooperates. There is a small abandoned Canadian Army base that the Indians squat on that’s kind of interesting to check out as one drives by. Wind coming off Huron can be a real bear. But I know there is a Tim Hortons with a place nearby I can get into to refill my thermoses with their excellent coffee and perhaps get a donut or two. Still have over $10.00 Canadian from my last trip up there. Also the Teneco plant I deliver to has plenty of parking for me to take my 10 hour break right there after I deliver. Odds are about 95% that I will return to the US empty, which means I have no paperwork for customs to deal with other than an empty manifest. So at this time it seems the only problem I may have is dealing with are winds pulling an empty trailer on the way back. If I come back empty then I will go to our small cross dock in Romulus, MI to see if they have anything for me to do before heading home.

        • Stewart Pid says:

          Rah do you know that u are going to the elephants asshole?
          Look at the map of southern Ontario and turn your head 90 degrees and see where Owen sound is.

        • Robert Austin says:

          Hope you have a safe and pleasant trip in my native land. The “abandoned” army base was Camp Iperwash and the lands were expropriated in WW2 from the local indians to create an army training base. When I was a youngster, I went there for cadet training in the summer. The beaches on the east coast of Huron are gorgeous and the swimming excellent. The Canadian military dragged their feet on giving the camp back to the natives for years, probably due to the cost of removing the unexploded ordnance on the site. Finally the natives just occupied the camp, which is only just. Unfortunately, they have kind of trashed the place. In truth, the indigenous peoples have no magic connection to the earth, no special wisdom that we don’t have. They are people no different us, and should have the same rights and responsibilities. But such a view is not politically correct these days.

          • Rah says:

            Robert Austin
            Thanks for the I information on the camp. I honestly am sad to admit that I was sure the Indians had it simply because of the condition it’s in. I don’t know if that statement reveals more about me or the wards of the State that “Native Americans” have become.

          • Rah says:

            I’m sitting here with my thumb up my 3rd point of contact waiting for the border crossing paper work to get done that should have been completed yesterday. The sad fact is I know more about what is required than anyone on the weekend shift in dispatch here does. This is my single biggest gripe about truck driving. Everything comes back to the driver. The driver is always the one who pays the price when any other cog in the machine fails.

          • Rah says:

            My super AcE girl Robyn is in to get the job done. She’s the one that trained me in border crossing paperwork. Super Lady. So my fate is now in the best of hands. But this load is going to be late.

          • Colorado Wellington says:


            It is good to be aware you’re holding radical views by suggesting that indigenous people are not different from others, with the same rights and obligations. I made a serious mistake decades ago when I expected several Native American relatives of a business associate of ours to behave like guests at our home.

            I had to use all my diplomatic ability and some trading items to prevent what threatened to become a violent confrontation with other partygoers. I lost out on the trades—as was immediately and rudely pointed out by our tribal guests—but the bribe worked to calm things down. I didn’t have to call Boulder constables and I learned a valuable lesson that in my social expectations I was holding naive and unrealistic views.

          • RAH says:

            BTW RoberT Austin.

            I suspect you’ll be happy to learn that the former Camp Iperwash looks better than it did 2-3 years ago when I last went by it. Buildings have been painted white and some seem to have new doors and windows. Place is not nearly as trashy as it was. BTW along Hwy 21 north of the camp must have been part of the range impact are since I noticed signs marking it as “Keep out- Dangerous”.

  3. AndyG55 says:

    even a big change since 2013, according too the Russians

  4. Jim Hunt says:

    Balderdash Tony!

    Need I say more?

    • AndyG55 says:

      2017 extent above 2016 for this day.

      Need I say more.!

      You are starting to look even more STUPID and IGNORANT than usual Jimbo.

      Off you trot and get some info on long term Arctic sea ice history from your Exeter bum-chums.

      Or are you going to continue to be CLIMATE CHANGE DENIER #1.

      • Jim Hunt says:

        Since you insist Andy, some basic physics!

        If extent is higher but volume is lower then thickness must be significantly lower, must it not?

        Hence Tony’s “Massive Growth In Thick Arctic Sea Ice” is indeed “balderdash”.


        • AndyG55 says:

          Still unable to comprehend basic graphs,

          You need to stop bathing in your sewer and go and get some basic education.. and I don’t mean from the AGW suckophants at Exeter Uni.

          I hope they realise what an arse-wipe you come across as, and that your link with them can only do them harm.

    • gator69 says:

      Starvation Jim! How many times must I rub your nose in your genocide bfore you get it?

      • Gail Combs says:

        Jimmy Boy is CLAIMING that we must completely change our way of life. That we need to embrace an economic and lifestyle change that is leaving 3,000 dead a year in the UK. A change that caused 28,800 deaths in just two weeks in the UK a few years ago

        A change that has cause 1 million German households to have their power shut off in last three years due to green energy. A change that is leaving them at risk of death too if the winters going forward are as bad as predicted.

        A change that has cause major havoc as South Australia suffered it’s fifth blackout in five months and in the next few weeks 4 per cent of Australia’s power supply will vanish when Victoria’s big Hazelwood power station shuts down. This is the buffer that kept South Australia grid balanced and running.

        • gator69 says:

          Jim and his ill ilk are no better than Pol Pot, Mao, or Stalin except when it comes to numbers. The Jim’s of this world have exterminated more than twice as many innocent humans as all three of those Great Leftists combined.

          Congratulations Jim, et Al.

          • Gail Combs says:

            You are correct gator.

            You can see it surfacing in the left here in the USA as they beat the sh1t out of women, old men and young boys.

    • AndyG55 says:

      He’s so pathetic that he can’t even read what was written.

      He obviously need English comprehension lesson as well as basic mathematics lesson, starting in primary school, I’d say.

      He also needs a lifetime’s worth of lessons in personal morality and integrity, both of which appear to be totally missing from his fetid personality..

  5. Theweathernut says:

    It’s only the public who fights over warming vs cooling since all in science agree the earth has in fact warmed over the last 100 years. There is zero debate on that. Why can’t scientists get that through the heads of the public so the public knows what the debate is really about? They can’t even debate if they are clueless as to what the topic is.

    Since the topic is NOT if the globe has been warming over the last 100 years, what is the debate in factual terms? The debate has been by HOW MUCH has earth warmed and then of course, what has caused it to warm and will the warming continue. Those are the three topics rather than if it is or not warming! Anyone who claims it has not warmed is ignorant and they look really stupid.

    As per my own study which dates back to age 9 since I’ve always been interested in earth studies with climate at number one and how I’ve always done study of what real scientists say on all sides, I have some ideas. BTW, I do my own winter forecast each Thanksgiving for months of D, J, F, M and I have a really good record as in about 90% correct! I was off last winter. I tried hard to factor in the El Nino but the totally non winter in the East caused it to be a bust. Blooms from Syracuse to Atlanta in February with 70* each location that month was not predicted by me. Syracuse got its big snows but not evenly all winter with constant snow-cover so those snows came in a few massive storms and much of winter was brown. They did get above avg snow when all was said and done out of some 5 storms instead of the week to week all winter snow-cover.

    I take the number one item into effect on climate which is the Sun. The earth wobble and orbit come in there too. Did you know the earth does not always orbit the same way? For thousands of years, earth will orbit much further away from the Sun while other times it is normal to orbit very close. We have finished our closet orbits and although still on the closer to orbiting Sun side, we are not at the closest and are starting that trek to orbit further and in two thousand years we will be at the furthest we orbit and go from there. That is when a new ice age will happen as normal. There are many other factors like volcano eruptions, Ocean temps etc. One thing mathematicians have proven Al Gore wrong on is greenhouse gases do NOT signal warming to come. They are actually the byproduct of warming! They have also been much higher in much colder times so it is not fully understood. What is known is water vapor aka the blanket will hold more gases in while times of dryness, it all dissipates, falls back to earth and is cleansed by our salty oceans to perfection. It is normal and greenhouse gases have been higher during early humans and higher before humans so this biz of Industrial age causing it is rubbish. This is not to say we don’t pollute and pollution is bad for our health. We should do our best to not cause pollution but don’t go nuts on it or claim you are goody like Gore and then be the one in Tennessee with the most dirty polluting home on energy!

    Remember those COLD winter in the 60s and 70s? Okay, most of you aren’t as old as I am so you don’t remember but I can tell you most of those winters were cold. Summers were hot. We are headed back into that 1950-1979 patter by 2020 and it will last until about 2050 and then turn warmer again but not as warm as it has been the last 3o or 40 years. This century will average a little colder than the last one but it is normal nature and we are due.

    This coming winter will be more typical unlike last winter so most will say it is very cold when said and done but truth is, it will be moderately cold as in 20 below upstate NY and near zero a few nights down near Atlanta. Nothing abnormal about that other than ya didn’t see it last winter. We saw it three years ago. Fall will be cooler and start sooner this year so expect a frost in Atlanta mid October which is about average and a freeze in Syracuse. Expect those to continue with last one mid April next year. Eastern US will be colder than West. The West had a tiny area last winter that got cold and still has snow on the ground in July. That won’t be next winter but it was normal and happens every few years.

    For those really cold winters like no one under age 40 has lived through, 2020/2021 will be your first. The new president of that January will go in during a cold DC. Will it be Trump again or another? No one knows and it is not important to your personal life but it will be COLD.

    Winters will start to get slightly colder each winter from this next one on until 2030 and then average like that 20 more years to come before going back to a 1990s patter which was warmer but not a heatwave like last winter.

    No ice age for a couple thousand years and no boiling of the earth for about three million more years so all is good and all is right in the world per climate. Islands come and go and it is normal. Florida was underwater many times as have been some islands out there now and at other times, there are islands we don’t see now that were not underwater. Arctic ice could melt but not increase sea levels since it is like you putting ice in a cup, filling with water and letting it melt. The level stays the same since that ice in arctic is on water! Antarctica is different but it is actually growing in ice and is not going to melt. North Pole has reached the lowest rate as of last year that it will see the rest of the century. It won’t go so low this August or any other so it is not going to melt away! It was actually lower in 1923 than it is now but that is besides the point.

    Both sides have been wrong. One is wrong that it has not warmed and the other is wrong as if Panic, we are going to boil or it is melting away. Truth is always in the middle if you are looking for it and I just posted truth. It is why I am usually hated by both sides. I don’t care because I am right. lol

    • neal s says:

      I stopped reading your post after the first two lies. Both are in the first sentence and the third sentence doesn’t look too good either.

    • Andy DC says:

      I agree, the debate is not whether there has been warming over the last 100 years (though insignificant in the US since 1940). The debate is whether the warming is outside the range of natural variability and whether the warming is potentially dangerous. The answer at this time would appear to be a firm “no”.

    • AndyG55 says:

      ” science agree the earth has in fact warmed over the last 100 years.”

      And THANK GOODNESS for that !!

      The LIA was bleak and desperate for human existence.

    • AndyG55 says:

      “One is wrong that it has not warmed ”

      No, our point is that it has not warmed anywhere near as much as the likes of GISS tell us it has. And that the warming out of the LIA has been purely NATURAL and BENEFICIAL.

      Around the 1940’s was probably around the same temperature as current, but GISS fraudulently cooled that period to further the AGW scam.

      • gator69 says:

        Where I live there has been a slight cooling trend over the past century. As was once said, “An average global temperature is about as usefull as an average global phone number“.

        Climates change. There is no “normal” in climate, or weather. Believing that man is responsible for global climate changes is like believing that roosters cause the sun to rise.

  6. AndyG55 says:

    “It was actually lower in 1923 than it is now but that is besides the point. ”

    While I agree that this is probably the case, can you produce further confirmation please.

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