A Single Shot Through The Right Temple

I was going through my father’s basement today in Los Alamos, and found this paper from November 22, 1963.

I remember being let out of school early, and coming home to my mother who was crying inconsolably. President Kennedy had been assassinated and Vice-President Johnson took over as president. Shortly thereafter Lee Harvey Oswald was assassinated by Jack Ruby, who died in prison.

Oswald was directly behind the motorcade. As the article above states, Kennedy was killed by a single shot through the right temple. This is also obvious from the films which emerged later. His head jerked back and to the left, and it appeared to have been an incendiary round which killed him.

Perhaps Oswald had one of those curving bullets from Hollywood films. Or more likely, the official story has nothing to do with what happened that day.

Lee Harvey Oswald was not available for comment. But Nixon said “Johnson never liked being number two.

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