Mt Pinatubo And Frozen New York

Tonight will be very cold in New York, but nowhere near as cold as 1993.

During the summer of 1991, Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines erupted and threw large amounts of particulates into the atmosphere, which blocked sunlight and kept earth cool for several years.

March 15 minimum temperatures in New York were very cold in both 1992 and 1993, after a record warm year in 1990. March 15, 1993 temperatures averaged below 0F, compared to 42F on March 15, 1913.

Several locations in New York State were below -20F on March 15, 1993.

Climate experts say that an increase of 0.0001 mole fraction CO2 causes volcanoes, because no lie is too big for this scam.

Climate Change Causes Increased Volcanism

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12 Responses to Mt Pinatubo And Frozen New York

  1. Colorado Wellington says:

    Hey! Negative feedback! The eruptions will stop man-made global warming, cool the globe and that will make them go away. Then we come in and heat things up again. It’s gonna be us against them from now on.

  2. Gail Combs says:

    Or maybe they are flaying around in the dark and have no idea what they are talking about…

    • neal s says:

      Gail sagely writes “maybe they are flaying around in the dark and have no idea what they are talking about…”

      DING DING DING!!! We have a winner! We have a winner!

    • Gail Combs says:

      It gets even better

      LOL Actual CNN Budget Headline: “Trump’s plan to dismember government”…
      “There are articles that are funny in their presentation, and then there are articles that are hilariously funny in their apoplectic protestations. CNN writes a lengthy article about the upcoming President Trump budget….”

      Washington (CNN) – President Donald Trump plans to dismember government one dollar at a time.

      His first budget — expected to be unveiled later this week — will mark Trump’s most significant attempt yet to remold national life and the relationship between federal and state power.

      It would codify an assault on regulatory regimes over the environment, business and education bequeathed by former President Barack Obama, and attempt to halt decades of steadily growing government reach…

      REPORT: President Trump Tells T-Rex Cut U.N. Funding by 50%

      “Earlier today President Trump signed an executive order initiating a full review of all federal departments to include a recommendations within 180 days for which departments and programs can be completely shut down. Almost immediately the Swamp trees begin convulsing spasmodically…..”

      President Trump Meets With Current Cabinet – Four Seats Remain Unfilled, Issues Executive Order…
      ” President Trump signed an Executive Order initiating an immediate reorganization of the executive branch –SEE HERE– Including the elimination of “unnecessary agencies” as identified in the review.”

      Section 1. Purpose. This order is intended to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability of the executive branch by directing the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (Director) to propose a plan to reorganize governmental functions and eliminate unnecessary agencies (as defined in section 551(1) of title 5, United States Code), components of agencies, and agency programs.

      NO WONDER Julian Assange Claims Pro-Clinton “Deep State” Supporting Mike Pence Coup
      Pence is probably not in on it. The Swamp Creatures just think he will be easier to manipulate.

      Now if Trump can manage not to get impeached or assassinated, this bids to be the most entertaining and uplifting four years EVAH!

      As Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik* has commented we seem to be in the middle of a ‘civil war’ it just is not apparent on the surface.

      * I do not know if Pieczenik is a flake or not.
      SEE: stevepieczenik(DOT)com/about/

  3. SxyxS says:

    Not a good idea to post this Tony,
    as now the AGW Priests will simply start to blame the Pinatubo Eruption and other volcanos for the lack
    of global warming.
    “We are living in the warmest warming period ever,
    but Pinatubo and Eyjafjallajökull eruptions will be blocking the rays for the next 200 years-that’s the reason why all our prediction failed by a landmile
    and why Leonardo di Caprio bought an Island and will know make a resort for superrich people there though the island will be flooded(at least officially) within the next few years by rising sea level long before the resort is finished.”

  4. Anonymous Commentator says:

    You buried the lede on what happened in March 1993 in New York.

    I was living in Syracuse at the time and the weekend before that cold snap on March 15th we received about four feet of snow.

  5. Sunsettommy says:

    The winter of 1992-1993,was the coldest snowiest winter on Record, in my area of South Eastern Washington.

  6. Steven Fraser says:

    Where did all the Pinotubo particulates finally wind up? For example, are there traces in the Greenland Ice pack?

    • Gail Combs says:

      Most probably. The fallout from above ground nuclear testing found in ice core samples is what lead Dr Jaworowski to question the CO2 measurements.


      Statement written for the Hearing before the US Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation
      Climate Change: Incorrect information on pre-industrial CO2

      March 19, 2004

      Statement of Prof. Zbigniew Jaworowski
      Chairman, Scientific Council of Central Laboratory for Radiological Protection
      Warsaw, Poland

      I am a Professor at the Central Laboratory for Radiological Protection (CLOR) in Warsaw, Poland, a governmental institution, involved in environmental studies. CLOR has a “Special Liaison” relationship with the US National Council on Radiological Protection and Measurements (NCRP). In the past, for about ten years, CLOR closely cooperated with the US Environmental Protection Agency, in research on the influence of industry and nuclear explosions on pollution of the global environment and population. I published about 280 scientific papers, among them about 20 on climatic problems. I am the representative of Poland in the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR), and in 1980 – 1982 I was the chairman of this Committee.

      For the past 40 years I was involved in glacier studies, using snow and ice as a matrix for reconstruction of history of man-made pollution of the global atmosphere. A part of these studies was related to the climatic issues. Ice core records of CO2 have been widely used as a proof that, due to man’s activity the current atmospheric level of CO2 is about 25% higher than in the pre-industrial period. These records became the basic input parameters in the models of the global carbon cycle and a cornerstone of the man-made climatic warming hypothesis. These records do not represent the atmospheric reality, as I will try to demonstrate in my statement.

      Relevant Background

      In order to study the history of industrial pollution of the global atmosphere, between 1972 and 1980, I organized 11 glacier expeditions, which measured natural and man-made pollutants in contemporary and ancient precipitation, preserved in 17 glaciers in Arctic, Antarctic, Alaska, Norway, the Alps, the Himalayas, the Ruwenzori Mountains in Uganda, the Peruvian Andes and in Tatra Mountains in Poland. I also measured long-term changes of dust in the troposphere and stratosphere, and the lead content in humans living in Europe and elsewhere during the past 5000 years. In 1968 I published the first paper on lead content in glacier ice[1]. Later I demonstrated that in pre-industrial period the total flux of lead into the global atmosphere was higher than in the 20th century, that the atmospheric content of lead is dominated by natural sources, and that the lead level in humans in Medieval Ages was 10 to 100 times higher than in the 20th century. In the 1990s I was working in the Norwegian Polar Research Institute in Oslo, and in the Japanese National Institute of Polar Research in Tokyo. In this period I studied the effects of climatic change on polar regions, and the reliability of glacier studies for estimation of CO2 concentration in the ancient atmosphere….

      A lot more info at that link.



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