Colorodoans Can See Climate Change Out Their Window

But only if they are left wing, stoned, watch fake news CNN, or all three.

This is what I see out my window.

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9 Responses to Colorodoans Can See Climate Change Out Their Window

  1. Fred Harwood says:

    Just about the same flora and fauna stages in southwestern Mass. No cute dog, though.

  2. RAH says:

    After a saga that I will not get into which involved getting a new refrigerator in my kitchen and the old one out my cocker spaniel protector of the pack has found a new threat come to kill us all. The ice maker in the new unit makes some noise when it dumps it’s cubes because the bin was empty or near empty. So now to her that noise portends a threat far more dangerous than blowing leaves or a cat passing by the window. To hear her growls and barks one would think the day of reckoning is upon us.

    I’ve gotten the call. Happy Fathers day! Leaving for Port Washington, WI again at 15:00. Take a break there then in the morning do the six stops and bring the freight back here. This is the fifth time I’ve done this run since the last week of May.

  3. just a thought says:

    Just think how beautiful it would be if the climate weren’t disrupted. //s//

    Seriously – really nice nature shots!

    Is that first one some kind of chicory?

  4. Margaret Smith says:

    Gorgeous dragonfly!

  5. Brad says:

    You captured some proof of mankinds’ damage to the environment. Bullfrogs are invasive west of the Mississippi. You should invite that guy over for dinner.

  6. Andy DC says:

    According to leading climate scientists, each and every one of those species in those photos, plus our own, will become extinct by 2030, all because Trump pulled out of the Paris climate accord. Is there any wonder that psychopaths of every stripe are becoming unhinged?

  7. Joe says:

    The climate is fine – what do these alarmist morons keep ranting on about

  8. Mr Grimnasty says:

    You have a lot of the same weeds we have in the UK, your birds are more interesting though. Convolvulus is a nightmare in the garden, pretty in the wild though. Surprised to see what looks like Nigella, the seeds are good in cookery. I think the birds are eating Salsify seeds – so you could eat the roots of that. And looks like Bird’s Foot Trefoil which makes me nostalgic for our South Downs.

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