New Video : Climate Doublespeak – The Biggest Scam In History

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11 Responses to New Video : Climate Doublespeak – The Biggest Scam In History

  1. Steve Case says:

    The odds are that what we can expect as a result of global warming is to see more of this pattern of extreme cold.
                                                             Dr. John Holdren, The White House – 1/8/2014

    • Arn says:

      Someone forgot to remind him that he and his friends changed the name
      global warming into climate change for exactly that scenario.

      As using the term “warming” to justify cold weather sounds even for the dumbest dumb too stupid,
      while the term “change” justifies everything as long as there is a change.

      On the other hand:Holdren was the guy who predicted apocalytic gobal cooling in the 70ies and maybe he just confused himself,
      as keeping up with lies and changing storylines gets harder and harder the older the liar gets.

  2. Rud Istvan says:

    Very nice commentary. In short, Weather does not equal climate. Attempts to equate them show warmunists to be fools, as here.

    • tonyheller says:

      That is a tiny portion of what I am saying. The main point is that they are liars and frauds.

      • Anon says:

        I forgot about that video.

        Okay, so you take what he said at face value about the impossibility of hacking the election. Then contrast that
        statement with the recent WaPo article deconstructed by Breitbart:

        “that former CIA Director John Brennan first informed Obama that Putin personally ordered operations to hurt Clinton’s campaign and help Trump’s — and that Brennan went to great lengths (“an envelope with extraordinary handling restrictions”) to prevent leaks and demonstrate the severity of the situation. ‘

        The ironic thing was, I would see stuff like this and then start thinking afterward, if this is what they are doing with National Intelligence, what could they be doing with the Climate Record?

        And that research led me to your blog. LOL!

        • Rud Istvan says:

          Anon, misplaced thread, but welcome to skeptic land. Now also check out JoNova, WUWT, Paul Homewood’s UK blog, and Climate Etc. You might also like my cheap ebook Blowing Smoke, foreword from none other than Judith Curry herself. Tony’s stuff is prominently featured (with lots more from elsewhere) in essay When Data Isn’t. An overview of surface temperature record perversion.

  3. Andy DC says:

    Another excellent video! Your videos need massive exposure to deprogram the sheeple from the massive brainwashing they have been exposed to. Trump must make it a priority to eliminate this scam, root and branch.

  4. Skeptic Marc says:

    I was born in ’71. My entire life has been spent observing this stuff flip-flop. Wrong prediction, after wrong prediction, after wrong prediction. And yet, the press just kept printing this stuff. Then, right after the Reagan era, a subtle shift occurred. The liars knew that, eventually, someone would say, “heyyyyyy, you’ve been making this stuff up, the entire time! One year you say x, four yours later, you say the exact opposite!”…. and then “climate change” became the new dog whistle, I want to say, right around 1990’ish. The DAY I heard someone use the term (I remember, I was on my way to University listening to the news on 840 WHAS radio), I said to myself, “you can’t fight that… everything is always changing… they will never be wrong, from now on.” LOL

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      Yes, they jumped the shark with that “rebranding“.

      When they still called it “global warming” they could claim they had a falsifiable scientific hypothesis but they realized that jig was up. Since every possible event or outcome can be “consistent” with “climate change” their anthropogenic CO2 claims are no longer falsifiable.

      With all their manipulations, lies, hiding, cheating and moving of goal posts it’s hard to think of anything before as science but with “climate change” this mob exited the scientific arena for good.

      It’s just a RICO fight for power and money.

      • Rud Istvan says:

        And that is their fatal undoing, per comment above. As Somebody (P.T. Barnum?) said, you can fool all the people some of the time. You can fool some people all of the time. BUT you cannot fool all people all the time. Which is what warmunists tried. And have now increasingly failed.

      • Bernal says:

        Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Wet/Dry-Hot/Cold can be anything it wants to be. It’s post normal science (PNS). I think it was Harold and Kumar cooked that one up taking a page from the Thomas Foley “Seriousness of the charges” playbook.

        Thank God for Trump putting a broomstick through the spokes of these ass-hats. Similar effect as making Martians listen to Slim Whitman (classical reference). Or making David Frum wear MAGA hat while cradling an AK.

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