The Power Of Mass Delusion

This woman sounds like she actually believes this mindless BS.

Sarah Partan: Adults must act now to protect planet for children

No matter how arrogant, foolish or delusional a person is, they don’t influence the climate. How can anyone be stupid enough to believe that they do?

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9 Responses to The Power Of Mass Delusion

  1. gator69 says:

    When will we protect these children from the Earth?

    Leftists are mentally ill.

  2. johnbuk says:

    Blimey, have you seen the massive level of comments after the web article? Well one actually and frankly I’m not sure what that was all about – although the bible seems to have the answers. Either way I wouldn’t stir up anything there – both prospective readers are obviously feeding the cat so are too busy to take the issue on board.
    If you wake them up, Tony, you’ll never forgive yourself.

  3. Andy DC says:

    Lots of the usual drivel. It makes liberals feel so wonderful to protect the planet from a manufactured, non-existant crisis. Fake news at its finest!

  4. CO2isLife says:

    Congress Should Break Up Hatebook into Multiple Independent Identity Facebooks

    Just recently I wrote a post about being censored on Facebook for doing nothing more than being critical of the AGW theory. This following quote is my best guess at what got the article banned:

    • Jason Calley says:

      Yep… “stupid” pretty much sums it up. Less ice? It’s a catastrophe! More ice? It’s a catastrophe! Even when some region shows no appreciable change at all, the conclusion is never “maybe things are not so bad after all”. Instead they claim, “It’s not changing now, but it’s about to change, and then it will be even worse because of the delay!”

  5. Kris Johanson says:

    1. Market-based options, such as carbon pricing: Do they even understand what this is? This is asking for total government control & taxation & rationing with respect to your driving a car, heating your house, operating your barbeque and lawn mower, running a business, operating service vehicles, and on and on it goes. On a more macro scale it taxes and limits and raises the cost of every industrial activity.

    2. A recent high school graduate “beseeched” the Senators to place environmental education in schools? That was done a LONG TIME AGO. These kids weren’t paying attention. Just go look at ANY introductory TEXTBOOK on Earth Science. There’s lots of them. Look at the curriculum for AP Env’l Science, as well.

    3. Transition Massachusetts to 100 PERCENT renewable energy? What does that even mean? You can’t fly a commercial airliner into Logan Airport? Heavy-highway construction equipment must be battery powered? Can you bring ocean going ships into harbor? Do long term power purchase agreements with regular energy companies need to be terminated 20 and 30 years early?

    4. A teacher asked the senators to support climate-change discussion in the classroom? Where does this person teach? This is ALREADY a big part of public education. I teach high school kids in a private setting, and kids are already well-versed on CAGW, believe me

  6. Shooter says:

    I bet this woman is scared that climate change will impact children’s heath, yet has no problem injecting them with hormones if they say they were born in the wrong body.

  7. What you are seeing is a repeat of 1931 as described by an immigrant in 1957: “It’s obvious that we would not be able to survive another year of the same progression. Therefore, our sole objective must now be to hold the line. To stand still in order to catch our stride. To achieve total stability. Freedom has been given a chance and has failed. Therefore, more stringent controls are necessary. Since men are unable and unwilling to solve their problems voluntarily, they must be forced to do it.” He paused, picked up the sheet of paper, then added in a less formal tone of voice, “Hell, what it comes down to is that we can manage to exist as and where we are, but we can’t afford to move! So we’ve got to stand still. We’ve got to stand still. We’ve got to make those bastards stand still!” –Sound familiar?

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