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Trenberth – Still Looking For The Missing Heat

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Man-Made Disappearing Sea Ice

The US Navy recently made most of the Arctic sea ice disappear, using the tried and true climate science method of simply changing the data. ARC    GLB According to the new Navy data, there is nothing but thin ice … Continue reading

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Clinton To Crush Trump By Double Digits – Will Be The Next President

Presidential poll: Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 12 – CNNPolitics.com Election night : Hillary Wins! Frank Luntz on Twitter I got rid of my television 22 years ago – best decision I ever made. I don’t allow criminals in … Continue reading

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New Video : Ice Doesn’t Lie – But NASA/NOAA Scientists Do

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Massive Expansion Of Thick Arctic Sea Ice Over The Past Decade

The animation below shows the extent of 5+ foot thick sea ice at present vs. the same date ten years ago. Ice thinner than five feet thick has been masked out. 2007      2017 As you can see, the thick … Continue reading

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Top Pictures from This Afternoon

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