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The History Of The Modern “Climate Change” Scam

In January 1972, the National Science Foundation held a meeting at Brown University to discuss “climatic change” – when meant global cooling, which they said was of natural origin. When Will the Present Interglacial End? | Science Later that year, … Continue reading

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Don’t Believe In Conspiracy Theories

Critical frames of the Zapruder video, showing the kill shot from the front right, and JFK’s head being thrown violently backwards.  And no, his head did not move forwards between frames 313 and 314. Immediately after the JFK assassination, every … Continue reading

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EPA Climate Scientists Write Themselves $77 Million In Checks

Democrats and climate scientists are very angry that Scott Pruitt will no longer allow them to steal tens of millions of dollars every year from the EPA. EPA blocks scientists who get grants from its advisory boards | TheHill Apparently … Continue reading

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Massive Growth In Arctic Ice Since Last Year

Arctic sea ice extent is up 16% from last year. 2017     2016 Greenland ice growth is close to last autumn’s record high. Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI Meanwhile, criminals in the press and academia insist that the … Continue reading

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