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Frame 317

As an imaging processing veteran with a keen observational eye, I sometimes forget that not everybody catches the same things I pick up on. For example, I consistently spot the neighborhood Kestrel at 200 yards – which most people never … Continue reading

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Washington Post : All Pictures Are Now Climate Change

The Washington Post posted a picture of some ice and a coastal city, and declared them to be “climate change.”  It is difficult to understand how stupid their readers have to be to fall for this sort of meaningless nonsense. … Continue reading

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Why Is The JFK Assassination Important?

JFK was the last president to take on the Deep State. Look at what they are trying to do to President Trump now.

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Top Pictures From Yesterday

I took this Kestrel shot in the morning. The second shot was in the evening, about a mile away. We are getting to know each other’s habits pretty well by now!

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Increasing November 3 Temperatures In The US

US November maximum temperatures have shown little change over the past century. This date (November 3) has shown a small increase, with last year being one of the warmest on record. The coldest November 3 was 1991, after the eruption … Continue reading

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Before JFK History Was Rewritten

In the hours after JFK was shot, the White House medical officer said Kennedy was shot in the right temple. Motorcycle police raced up the grassy knoll of a park nearby. A Secret Service agent and Dallas policeman were killed … Continue reading

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