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1975 : Ice Age Coming – Global Cooling To Cause Terrorism And Nuclear Blackmail

In 1975, the NCAR director Steven Schneider said global cooling threatened global stability with “critical urgency.” 02 Jun 1975, Page 76 – Chicago Tribune at Newspapers.com The fraudsters currently operating Scientific American deny that this ever happened, and are attempting … Continue reading

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Scientists Have Known For Centuries That The Sun Controls The Climate

In my previous article, I documented the NCAR director’s successful 1973 drought forecast based on sunspots. But he was by no means the first. Meteorologists had been making weather forecasts based on solar cycles much earlier. 16 Sep 1937 Modern … Continue reading

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Before Trenberth, NCAR Did Actual Climate Science – Based On The Sun

Before Kevin Trenberth wrecked NCAR’s reputation with his junk climate science, NCAR was lead by Walter Orr Roberts – who did actual climate science. In 1973, Roberts predicted a drought based on sunspot cycles. 27 Sep 1973, Page 38 – … Continue reading

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Madam President

This was the front page of the Australian one year ago today. While the press was busy doing their usual thing (cheating, lying, tampering and defrauding) I was celebrating with Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts in front of Parliament House.

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One Year Since America Was Liberated

The cost of freedom is always high, but Americans have always paid it. And one path we shall never choose, and that is the path of surrender, or submission. John F. Kennedy

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Fifty Years Ago – National Geographic Said The Sun Controls Glacial Behavior

You should, in science, believe logic and arguments, carefully drawn, and not authorities. – Richard Feynman Fifty years ago, National Geographic understood that the sun controls glaciers. National Geographic : 1967 Feb, Page 194 This was way back in the primitive times … Continue reading

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My Climate Experiment

I’m hoping to find out if the Sun in any way controls Earth’s temperature.

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Top Kestrel Shots From This Afternoon

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