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Top Pictures From This Morning

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1940 : Arctic Rapidly Melting – How Does NASA Respond?

One third of Arctic sea ice disappeared between 1890 and 1940, when CO2 levels were below 310 PPM. 13 Oct 1940, Page 76 – Hartford Courant at Newspapers.com Glaciers in Greenland and Norway were melting rapidly and facing “catastrophic collapse.” … Continue reading

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Partying With Climate Alarmists

I spent yesterday evening celebrating at the Hotel Boulderado with a group of hard core climate alarmists, who are convinced that Boulder’s immaculately clean natural gas fired power plant is somehow “dirty.” One of the people I enjoyed talking to … Continue reading

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War Makes For Strange Bedfellows

I just voted for the five Boulder City Council candidates who promised to replace Boulder’s very clean natural gas power plant with worthless, environmentally destructive windmills. Why did I do this?  Because they are also the only candidates pledged to … Continue reading

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