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Closer Look At The Bright Spot

Frame 312. Right side of JFK’s head is in the shade. Frame 315 : Front right part of head gone, bright white spot appears in cloud of blood spray. Frame 317  : Very bright spot on shaded side of JFK’s … Continue reading

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Global Warming Alarmists – Recycling The Identical Idiocy From 50 years Ago.

Not everyone was pushing global cooling in 1969.  In 1969, J. G. Fletcher said man only had a few decades to solve global warming. He also said global warming was melting the Arctic. 18 Dec 1969, Page 1 – Ukiah … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s Birds

Yesterday was very windy, and generally a poor day for birds. But I did manage to catch a few good ones.

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The Correct Way To Analyze Data

A single shot through the right temple took the life of the 46-year-old Chief Executive 22 Nov 1963, 10 – Fort Lauderdale News If you want to come to a reasonable conclusion about a topic, you have to clear your … Continue reading

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JFK Dissonance

A few commenters are claiming JFK’s head was thrown forwards between frames 313 and 314.  This is complete BS. When aligned properly, frame 314 shows JFK’s head started its violent backwards movement.  People are confusing movement of the vehicle with … Continue reading

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