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Settled Science In 1868

In 1868, the Guardian said there was nothing left to be discovered. 13 Aug 1868, 3 – The Guardian at Newspapers.com

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Chinook Again

Another chinook day with very stable air. All pictures taken from the same spot 2.2 miles away. Today: chinook Yesterday: no chinook Two days ago: chinook

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November 26, 1896 Heat

Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please. Mark Twain There has been no trend in November 26 US temperatures since the start of records in 1895. On this date in 1896, upstate New York reached … Continue reading

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New Video : Goldilocks And The Three Planets : A Global Warming Fairy Tale

In this video, I address the fundamental failure of climate science.

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Be Prepared!

I wasn’t prepared.  I took the dogs out for a walk without a real camera, and had to settle for this owl/moon shot on my phone.

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