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Celebrating God’s Creation In Boulder

It is a beautiful warm day in Boulder, with west winds bringing in very clear air. I see engineering miracles everywhere I look. It is glorious!

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What Conspiracy Theory Doesn’t Look Like

My two primary mechanisms for uncovering climate fraud are looking at raw data and looking at historical accounts. I’m doing exactly the same thing with the JFK shooting analysis. The original news stories were unambiguous that Kennedy was killed by … Continue reading

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What Conspiracy Theory Looks Like

Donna Brazille, who was fired from the DNC and CNN for rigging the debates in Hillary’s favor, says that Russians hacked the Wikileaks E-mail, and that her predecessor (Debbie Wasserman Schulz) rigged the primaries against Bernie. Inside Hillary Clinton’s Secret … Continue reading

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I Completely Agree!

Man-made data tampering is responsible for virtually all imaginary global warming since 1950.

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Change Of Climate …

All through the summer and the first half of autumn, we saw a large drop in daily maximum temperatures after the 1950’s and early 1960’s. But this time of year does not show that. Temperatures have trended up. Note the … Continue reading

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This Is What I Do

I’m going to keep analyzing data and asking questions.  That is what I do. If I upset your sacred cows and you can’t handle it – then adios. I respond to rational discussion, and have little tolerance for hysteria. I … Continue reading

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