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Blame For Florida Sea Level

Florida’s coast has retreated 200 miles over the past 20,000 years, but the last half an inch is your fault. Quaternay Geology “Scientists warn” that sea level rise is accelerating in Florida. Sea Level Rise Is Accelerating in Florida, Scientists … Continue reading

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Massive Sea Ice Growth Over The Past Decade

There has been a huge expansion of thick ice into the East Siberian Sea over the past two months. The ice in the East Siberian Sea is much thicker than it was in 2006 or 2007. CICE_combine_thick_SM_EN_20170920.png (758×631)

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Beer Cart Has Arrived

With temperatures warming to a sweltering -54F at the Greenland Country Club, the beer cart is always a refreshing sight. summit:status:webcam

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Visualizing Catastrophic Ice Loss Since 2006

There is a lot more ice in the Hudson and Baffin Bays this year than there was on this date in 2006 – the year with the highest recent minimum ice extent. 2006   2017

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Top Golf Conditions In Greenland Today

Temperatures at the Greenland Country Club have warmed up to -58F, and there are still a few tee times left. summit:status:webcam

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Global Warming – A Democrat Problem

It is generally safe to assume that anyone who uses the phrases “scientists say” or “scientists believe” – is an idiot. 24 Apr 1984, Page 7 – Indiana Gazette at Newspapers.com Summer afternoon temperatures in Pennsylvania peaked in 1949, and … Continue reading

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How To Communicate With Criminals In The Press

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Deep Sixing The Hiatus

The MWP, LIA, 1940’s spike, 1970’s global cooling – all disappeared by the climate mafia. Global warming hiatus never happened | Cosmos Before it was disappeared, the hiatus was central to the IPCC report. Global warming pause ‘central’ to IPCC … Continue reading

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