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No Chinook Today

Calm air, and distorted atmosphere. Yesterday: chinook Two days ago: no chinook Three days ago: chinook

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New Video : The Real Arctic Vs The Imaginary Arctic Of Climate Scientists

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The Real Arctic Versus The Arctic Of Climate Scientists

Arctic sea ice extent is normal, growing rapidly, and higher than 2006. Charctic Interactive Sea Ice Graph | Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis Greenland’s surface is gaining ice very rapidly, but not quite as fast as last year’s record … Continue reading

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Wolves Guarding The Sheep

The fact that the same people at CNN who were colluding with the Clinton campaign cannot see a scandal in the Obama administration does not mean that no scandal was there. — Kevin D. Williamson

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The Last Time The Broncos Lost This Many Games ….

The Denver Broncos won all six of their games this year prior to their anti-American outburst. Since then they have lost seven out of eight. The last time they lost this many consecutive games, glaciers were growing and the US … Continue reading

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