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Zooming In On Climate Fraud At NCAR

It is an incredibly clear day today.  I took this picture of NCAR from 2.4 miles away. Then I rode my bike up to NCAR (first bike ride in three months, after being ill.  Thanks for all your prayers.) The … Continue reading

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Evaluating Man’s Impact On Manhattan Sea Level

The long term rate of sea level rise at Manhattan has been a fairly constant 2.84 mm/year since Abraham Lincoln was president.  Sea Level Trends – State Selection The 100 month trend loosely tracks sunspot cycles, and Manhattan sea level … Continue reading

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Massive Expansion of Thick Ice Over The Past Decade

Over the past decade, there has been a huge increase in the area covered by thick Arctic sea ice, and a 10% increase in ice volume. 2007   2017 Climate fraudsters of course claim the exact opposite, because their paycheck depends … Continue reading

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Jeff Masters – “I Don’t Need No Stinking Climate Historian”

Jeff Masters named his web site (Weather Underground) after Bill Ayers’ 1960’s terrorist group, which tried to bomb US Military personnel. Now he is promoting fake news from fake hurricane scientist Kerry Emanuel, who declared Harvey’s rains to be a … Continue reading

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Democrats Want To Impeach Trump – For Doing Exactly What They Said They Wanted

Democrats demanded that Comey be fired, and now say Trump should be impeached for firing Comey. Letter-to-Director-Comey-10_30_2016.pdf – Google Drive

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Hottest Year Ever Update

Climate experts say* the Earth is overheating, and the Arctic is the fastest warming place on Earth. *Climate experts never let actual facts or data get in the way of their quest for eternal funding.

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Planet Destroyed – Women Hit Hardest

Global climate action must be gender equal | Hilda Heine | Opinion | The Guardian When Will Climate Change Make the Earth Too Hot For Humans? These people need a full time psychiatrist, not a climate scientist.

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