Destroying The Environment To Save It

Flying to London, I watched Bill Nye and Arnold Schwarzenegger explain that “most people feel no effects of climate change now,” but “there will be no humans left on the planet in 2030.”  Bill Nye also said “in a few years half of us will be underwater, and the other half will be choking on carbon pollution.”

In order to appease Bill Nye’s psychosis, England is building giant bird choppers off the coast of Brighton.

Someone should probably tell the Science Guy that he exhales 100 times as much CO2 as he inhales, and that he probably isn’t going to choke on his own breath. Quite the contrary, doctors use extra CO2 to calm down hyperventilating idiots like Bill Nye.

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26 Responses to Destroying The Environment To Save It

  1. The mask is slipping in Econazi Germany. A Peruvian farmer has been frightened by the likes of Nye into believing a glacier is poised to melt and flood his farm. So a People’s Court in Hamm, Germany has decided to assume jurisdiction and rule on a claim for damages. RWE should cut the power to all German customers, lest they sue under the new version of Kristallnacht laws making electricity a controlled substance.

  2. arn says:

    Thx for my daily dose of apocalyptic fear porn Arnold.I tend to get armageddon withdrawel symptoms when not being fed with co2 doom scenarios twice a day.
    You saved my day and
    If Bill Nye exhales 100* more co2(that’s a 10.000% increase within seconds while man made co2 in our atmosphere is amazing 0.01% after decades) as he inhales
    and co2 has the amazing evil superpowers Climate Scientists claim,
    than Bill Nye doesn’t need heating during winter times as his exhaled co2 should heat up every room by 50 degrees.

    PS-seems every actor is a climate scientist nowadays
    (or is every climate scientist just an actor?)

    -scientific spoiler alert from a fortune teller
    This apocalyptic 2030 scenario will be postponed in 2029 to 2040 by the climate master race.
    (the only possibility for “no humans left on this planet in 2030”-scenario is
    the military industrial complex unleashing an all out war on humanity but for sure it”ll have nothing to do with co2)

    • Bill Manske says:

      C02 is outnumbered 2,500 – 1. To raise the atmospheric temperature
      1 degree it would have to absorb 2,500 degrees. The very small portion
      C02 absorbs after water vapor is a non issue. C02 does absorb some
      infrared radiation but it only hangs on to it for 83 Fetmoseconds.
      That’s 83 quadrillionths of a second. It does not have super powers.
      Do the Math and Physics and if you can’t, find someone who can.
      don’t believe the crap they make up daily. It’s about taxes and taking
      more money from us. Bill Nye is either a out and out liar or else he is
      a complete idiot.

  3. Mark Fife says:

    Choking on CO2? Really?

    Serious question here. Who funds Bill Nye and his many travels around the globe to promote this stupidity? Somebody has to be.

    As jacked up as he is, he did graduate from MIT (or so I have heard) with an ME degree. I have spent a lot of time around MEs and IEs as well. They are typically not unrealistic starry eyed dreamers and huggers of moon beams. They have to be practical and real or they don’t last a few week in the real world. Bill is clearly making buck.

    • neal s says:

      But Bill Lie is NOT making his living by using his ME degree. I wonder if he might not be that capable of actually doing ME work any longer, or if he ever was. The way he denies reality in various ways makes me think one might not be able to trust his work if he did try to work as an ME.

      • Mark Fife says:

        He obviously isn’t hurting for funds. How did an actor in a children’s show come to be a world tripping spokesman for the CAGW movement anyway? That’s my point. The guy was hired. He clearly gets paid and has an expense account to afford all the hotels and air fair. Who hired him? Who signs the checks?

        Bill Nye saves the world isn’t exactly a ratings buster either.

  4. Kelvin Vaughan says:

    Did he say the end is Nye.

  5. CheshireRed says:

    We’ve had 20 years of liberal political idiocy in the UK. Brighton (by chance Green party central) is at the forefront of it all, so their daft bird choppers are for once in the right place. We’ve had two decades of the stupidest political leaders in our country’s history.

  6. dave1billion says:

    I’d like to watch this.

    Did you watch it in Bill Nye’s new series (on Netflix?) or was it in an older documentary.

  7. AndyG55 says:

    CO2 is actually a bronchial dilator.

    Breathing in such a way as to raise the lung CO2 level has help many asthmatic overcome the worst of their symptoms, not a cure though. (same as breathing into a paper bag helps)

    Read up on “Buteko” method..

  8. scott allen says:

    Your body needs CO2 to keep you alive. Your brain analyzes your blood chemistry and when the build up of CO2 is too high it tells your body to exhale the CO2 and takes in oxygen. If you breath air with more then 22-25% oxygen you will died from oxygen toxicity, to die from too much CO2 it would have to be in the range of over 60,000 parts per million, right now CO2 makes up about 400 parts per million. I think we have some time.

  9. Andy DC says:

    They were spewing the same garbage in 1970 and will still be spewing it in 2070. As we know, the goal posts just keep moving along as the years go by.

  10. BruceC says:

    Hmmm, nuff said.

  11. Douglas Hoyt says:

    The motto of present day greenies: ” We have to destroy the environment to save the environment.”

    Millions of windmills everywhere will do it.

  12. Cam says:

    Sydney, Australia has an average sea level rise of 0.65 mm/year. In the 56 years between the following two pictures (1960 to 2016), the total increase was 3.64 cm, less than 2 inches. The terror they must be experiencing down under when they see this evidence of catastrophic sea level rise.

  13. Spark says:

    If the AGW crowd has Bill and Arnold out there touting that humans will be extinct by 2030, why did China get a pass on reducing fossil fuel emisions until 2030??? Makes no sense!

  14. TA says:

    I watched a tv program a couple of hours ago whose subject was the Yellowstone super volcano and this guy was going from place to place within the volcano looking for escaping CO2 gas which he said would mean that the volcanic activity was picking up.

    What struck me as funny was the way the guy talked about CO2. According to him, it was very dangerous in large quantities and he had to be careful where he walked on the volcano because he might be overcome by CO2.

    He walked around measuring CO2 and he got to a place where he said the measurement was 100ppm higher than “normal”, with normal turning out to be about 350ppm. When he measured the extra 100ppm he said, “I better get out of here, I’m already feeling faint! I got a good laugh out of that one. I guess this guy would never make it on a submarine where the CO2 gets much higher than 450ppm of CO2 he was breathing.

    Of course, CO2 *can* be dangerous if you are in a confined space with no air circulation and you have no oxygen to breath, but that wasn’t the case with this research guy; he was out in the open air on top of a mountain, yet he was feeling faint in an area of 100ppm of extra CO2.

  15. Bill Nye is getting too much oxygen, which is over-stimulating, and not enough CO2, which has a calming effect. He should stop campaigning against CO2 for his own good.

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