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Gavin Moves On To The Next Level Of Fraud

No longer satisfied with pushing temperature fraud, Gavin is now pushing sea level fraud. https://twitter.com/ClimateOfGavin/status/997930450793455617 Amazing how a break in slope appears when they switch methodologies from tide gauges to satellites, including adding a completely fake GIA (global isostatic adjustment) … Continue reading

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Plummeting May 20 Temperatures In The US

It is cold in Colorado today, and I have the heat turned on. But May 20 wasn’t always a cold day. On this date in 1934, almost half of the US was over 90 degrees, and South Dakota and Nebraska … Continue reading

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1.5% Arctic Sea Ice Loss Over The Past Week

The Arctic melt season in more than one-third over. Over the past week ice extent loss (red below) was 1.5%. May 12        May 19 Arctic sea ice volume is normal. hardly changing, and tied for highest in … Continue reading

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Climate Scientists Credibility Melting At A Record rate

Climate experts claim that Greenland is melting down at a record rate, and even faster than they thought. The reality is that Greenland isn’t melting down at all. Greenland is extremely cold. summit:status:webcam Since September 1, Greenland’s surface has gained … Continue reading

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